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Highway fence painting process

Highway fence painting process consists of two phases to complete: the first stage fixed bed phase, the second phase pneumatic conveying stage, continue to increase on the basis of a fixed bed flow (W), the bed began to swell and loose , bed height begins to increase, the powder particles are each float, thus leaving the original position for a certain degree of movement, then the phase will enter the fluidized bed. Description section bc expanded fluidized powder layer, the height (I) with the increase of gas velocity, but the bed pressure (△ P) does not increase, within a certain range without affecting the fluid flow rate changes unit power required, which is characteristic of the fluidized bed, is the use of this feature to be implemented in the coating process. Fluidized state of the powder flow uniformity is critical to ensure uniform coating. In fluidized bed powder coating on the use of a "vertical fluidized" fluidization number must be tested to find out, can generally be applied, fluidized bed powder suspension rate of up to 30 ~ 50 %