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The flexible MorePhone contorts when you get a call Ep 119

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Created: 05/03/2013 This week on Crave, we take a look at a concept phone that can change its shape when you get a notification. Plus, Microsoft shows off the IllumiRoom projector that puts gamers inside video games and we play another round of Into It Not Into It!

Davis Steve a lot of stuff happening on -- great while its being so he -- -- Researchers at Canadas Queens University human media lab have invented the more phones which can -- -- shape giving the user visual cue when receiving an incoming notification. The phone is made with a flexible -- for reading displayed manuctured by plastic logic the United Kingdom. Beneath the display -- shape memory alloy wires that contract when the phone receives a notification. -- it hard to miss an incoming call. Microsoft is currently developing and showing off their latest creation the L -- room. A -- -- projector that connects with your Xbox wirelessly and -- -- -- protected video putting the player inside to gain. The projectors injury with fines of your television is located so it doesnt project any video onto your screen inhibiting the gaming experience -- -- level -- This is what a distributed denial of service attack looks like as interpreted by the web site traffic visualization tool -- -- object which was developed by video. The attack took place on April 23 2013 on the video land -- boom. IBM has earned -- place in the Guinness book of world records for producing the worlds smallest stop action film. Researchers used individual -- to animated short video called the boy it is out of the film features a young boy jumping around and having fun which is out of its. Images were shot -- a copper suce at a temperature of negative 268. Degrees Celsius. There were magnified 100 million times using IBMs award winning scanning tunneling microscope. Together the video on YouTube moving Adams made -- the worlds smallest movie to see how the movie was made. Wireless router into it -- through it -- into it Im not into. This it -- youre not into every rundown of we have great stories and vote on whether or not we -- into it or not into it. You could vote at home if youre watching on -- Scientists and Sweden have created what they believed to be the first -- the -- test for detecting marijuana and e. The device is called -- abuse and analyzes your breath using Chrome at target B and mass spectrometer treatment are you if youre -- into the number -- -- French designer Simon Karolyi announced a new line of that providing top model shapewear will be -- is an abuse of caffeine vitamins. Eat it has been rumored -- the next Xbox will be called the Xbox 120 but recent reports suggest that it might actually be called -- Xbox and humidity according to post on -- -- the new Xbox logo might be an infinity symbol next to the tagline welcome to -- entertainment it -- -- possibilities. I share a certain number of all our athletic -- company mission has engineered clothing that uses your cold sweat to cool your body Google permissions endured cool whats cool core technology -- -- can drop the average temperature of just thirty degrees below your average body -- All you need to do is what are you guys are not literate than -- -- -- finally Danish artist Christian bug reports left bill does indeed meter -- sculpture and filled it with human blood and human hair from more than 5000 volunteers. Because of the deep storage project template is a -- to the bottom of the ocean claiming it will give the donors eggs fertile life. Look for the resulThe flexible MorePhone contorts when you get a call Ep 119,ts in the next show and -- Craig I -- -- watching as always you can find all these stories its great -- rave dot CNET dot. And heres over giving away this week this week crave is giving away the -- box real treat camel case for the HTC one. Go to the blog and enter to -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- --

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