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Car Tech Live 238 2012 Volvo S60 T6

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Created: 10/20/2011 We drive the Volvo S60 T6, get features in SYNC that it promised years ago, look forward to GM cars driving themselves, announce the EPA numbers for the Fisker Karma while advising you dont pay more for a used car than a new one!

Ford -- does what they said it would do years ago. Youll also find out when GM -- -- drive itself sooner than you might think and the fiscal karma disappointment or write or should be. That more on cnets car tech live killer body its our car tech live show for this Thursday Brian -- -- Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin were here on show number 238. On this twentieth of October 2011. Lets get right into it here a quick note updating -- whats happening with sync this is interesting because of -- when they first showed a sink like wheels its four or five years ago. And they said it would read your text -- you. Then we started testing cars that Kim was saying and number one really read text TU. They didnt work with almost really any phone except like a black bear. On that feature and -- -- on one phone that it worked with -- and -- Its like looking eureka moment Im on every kissing the pavement outside of our of our office -- is really cool. But and really limited it didnt work at my -- dont work with anything else now. So now they apparently -- retrofit update that we think will also work with some of the sync equipped cars youve got out there would be Bluetooth message access profile. Itll what do you know about map your -- -- the Bluetooth. Well I mean like most Bluetooth standards -- -- be enabled on both in promoting part of why. It doesnt work as advertised. Prior mean it probably even now Brian like a lot of phones just dont have -- built in. -- -- Just like the same reason that -- regular email for people say I cant audio streaming and Bluetooth headset. Could hit that does support a two DP. It has to be on both India and -- mean if your phone supports and a lot of phones are starting to do it. -- now that I automakers like Ford -- starting to lead the charge on in getting. The receivers installed in their cars a -- start seeing more of it. Thats -- -- st and actually is that not many phones actually support map at this point. Yeah and -- parlor Ford didnt have it implemented in The -- -- -- or it wasnt fully baked you know the Bluetooth standard is really not. Its own -- mixture of protocols you can opt in or out over on any device called the Bluetooth the Bluetooth suggestion is the Bluetooth its -- disabilities idea kits yet. But now Ford has gotten this -- this this this map profile which apparently pretty well -- now. As a part of -- officially its -- -- its available for 2011 and early 2012 vehicles that have -- You go to sync my ride and look at your particular -- probably by vin number. Is retro available as a software flash. Access now a lot of a lot of these handset these Smartphones actually -- on on all the major platforms. There are apps available. That will do that line. On the device itself. -- like read the tags -- smart reader via a for example of the when the pop street -- mine if you get a text message. It will read aloud -- either using your phones speaker or if youre connected via audio streaming noted that way -- the advantage to afford going -- Is that even if youre not listening to your phone electrocuted of the way few would believe lingo works is -- -- -- have a two DP running. Yet it only works -- -- -- BPs -- the yet to be listening to music off your own. Matt Nero will allow you to also get those text messages written when youre not listening to your -- that youre listening to CD player yet or something -- and SD cards single traffic control the whole system and say youve got a message to just a little -- the audio when its gone and navigation product yet or an incoming -- recall -- -- sort of way. So thats the benefit of getting an -- cars -- its its indicative of the previous way that you see with the apps is kind of -- it can work around deepening. -- but its not. You really use in the the profile of that release of the standard in the way that its boosted its -Car Tech Live 238 2012 Volvo S60 T6,- To hear the phones. Bits are were are -- to nearly any cost says are available here Blackberry 9670 curve many 300. -- tricks Droid bionic Motorola photon never heard -- -- HTC -- 3-D and the sensation forgy. So still a handful of phones at this point but at least its better than one ethnic and that is all we actually get it lists a vehicle to meter in -- But the Yankees -- interest an expert right and so. You get it Suisse. Small choice for your choice -- okay is this of the -- -- -- theres -- like a bunch old tired -- is not just partners. But theres still Messina at anonymous in Windows Phone 7 rights and no -- dont at all and no Windows -- on the -- again and Windows Phone is a lot of expectation its gonna be cause -- pistol next year so I imagine theyre -- being a Microsoft partner imagine thats a temporary situation. -- continuing on sink -- do regular sync news out of the way continuing to promise an effort. Training its dealers better to train you how to use sync which has been a frustration for a lot of users. The idea heres what theyre going to prep the dealers better a lot of technology sync is one of them theyve also a lot of complaints dont talk with this we drove the fiesta with the dual clutch. Which was 56 months we had that -- which is the only cheap car with a DCT. And so that transmission is very unusual low cost carbon theyre getting a lot of folks while some number of customers return back saying the transmissions -- Because theyre told its an automatic manual orbiters being told an automatic and they get out and drive it and theyve never -- automatically goes -- Like that -- DCT does especially. So Ford starting to say we cant just elements and automatic -- gonna explain to home. It has clutches that are actually working thats what youre seeing theres a little robot driving the thing basically its a manual gearbox little robot and there. The -- -- had -- double luddites youd think theyd get that -- the test drive. Either it is very -- -- theyd feel that there right which -- are funny now. I I toaster -- a lot of cars you know in the -- style test drive minutes. Its all -- car when -- bring it home. Yeah you miss everything. You know really wanted to -- Lori knew -- -- itll add to it and and the passengers -- one of those macho guys whos telling you to do that -- you know what its like well not only do that either its like I dont know that releases -- -- -- of -- the last time my -- car. I just drew. Brand new -- VR 32 -- many years ago. And so I -- out. On this test drive and in on the -- back the sales guys like let me drive it policy with the -- can I hate that and I mean He is whether those guys who. Thought He was a better drivers and He was in Italy but -- right. You know its a little a little bit viewers see drivers the -- spinning around -- parking lot out of control. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Buddy of mine though when we is going backward from the new in the Porsche 944 was new his dad was looking at getting -- so they go to the dealership. And youre the him dad drives it for awhile when they dealer does one of the intimate knowledge and open up for a -- a -- -- -- Sheridan this is down on a on flooded road on US 101 down the peninsula its Carlson. Porsche Audi back in those is still there -- -- -- Through the -- the driver that a dealer sells mens dead because the way He drove but they get this thing Daves in the backseat -- in the past recede a dealer -- -- of course the drive along. You almost immediately consisting out of shape like sixty on this -- -- -- He remembers -- before the massive crunched. Was seeing this fire hydrant go back and forth between that -- NASA. And then having to occur missed the fire hydrants master -- wheels -- out all the -- -- like okay. Well I cant buy this one -- -- And Atlanta they on the job and Im not that I hope so and spot -- -- has one out of stock but on -- -- porting its and one of our -- one of our editors at his body Ford Focus that typing in addition any mention yeah right was at -- dealership. Yet they word dial leading them through the technology they did you actually repaired his wifes phone with the card and make him do it do you -- asked the -- own on with the cards that children are still working on attributed to get that out there will have to keep you updated on whether its a check it was super port every couple weeks -- -- a new. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The that they -- in San Francisco -- probably also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fiesta is one of the only cars that cheap cars as DCT -- the upcoming -- which is actually already L and people can by the now that -- -- DCT know. At least four of you -- probably. -- -- -- laughter well have the DCT and of course we are to be our first look at -- angles. So publishing technologies in their car and -- -- youre gonna wanna buy them. Lets see up speaking of this hands free in car stuff Q and X which is the folks that as part of remote part of Blackberry its the operating system in the playbook. Which doesnt really mean much to most people. But they say theyre -- -- real strides in getting clear hands free calls -- card which remains -- stick you mean lets ce it when youre doing a hands free call on a car people now. They can to like on your in your car. I can hear a lot of noise it sounds -- and has lot of weird phasing in and out sometimes -- digitally processed and not necessarily done well. But -- says that they have got a new technology here -- second generation of their Ill be Irish acoustics processing suite. And they sell into OEMs and head unit makers and -- that you buy for your car and but they say its gonna dramatically improve. This kind of audio quality. Part of it is theyre going to get it to deal with something called dating dating is when you missed the first letter word you get this all the time on Bluetooth. Or the last syllable. So it it it it ducks down the audio to kill noise and then it. Opens the Mike again basically when you start to talk. But its not very good right so you missed the beginning in the end of every sentence especially for soft spoken. It really throws off that -- dating they say theyve got that figured out where stop doesnt become top. Which can be a big difference you have at what youre talking about something I think they should stop or addition -- what would believe me differently. I wonder if this also kind of addresses -- c.s would do collecting a lot of hands free system our wish -- so if F if the person youre on the line which is talking. And they dont stop talking. Its telling its gonna be drug Leo yeah you know or you know where you have to go over in the near the person -- the chance. Talk and even then I think as r as I understand the cellular networks or x so theres no way to get around that -- theyre all one way theyre -- theyre -- -- -- -- -- they -- -- and they have to and they auto switch the push to talk keep themselves but its basically all cellphones -- two way radios so they are talking one at a time thats why when -- on the phone whether its in the car not please please -- about cellphones they are like your landline. You cant talk while the other persons talking. It isnt technically possible its a single direction connection on cell -- pesky digital. I think analog in my head that -- -- better enable a Digitals amassed. And its it just gives you the least amount of bandwidth and you gotta talk one way thats why cellphones are like they are out of creativity talks -- we -- -- rush expected that it that is offensive solution for this to stacks. -- the dont call me dont call me I hate cell -- -- -- if you want to win an argument on the and didnt cost up to just keep talking if they cant get any damage to still listen to -- idea. There is some weird docking logic that lets you -- stop someone on these networks but its so frustrating its its basically x was some logic that referees. And its like now I hate that lets -- -- -- thing now is this is purely a software. Upgrade yet is not hardware is just processing should should be applicable to a lot of systems that are already out there that where the where they all OEM has already selected a vendor for microphones. And speakers and and the actual hardware that does this open -- can -- this over it but its just you know its its its -- deep inside baseball I know but its good to know that. Some of working on the quality of calls not just getting Bluetooth and every carcass quality tends to suffer. In this -- we tend to do you know. MP3 killed the CD which thats -- stepped down -- no two ways about it but good enough is good enough some. -- talk about whats happening the series which we know is hot. And Android GNU catch up -- -- supersede this now we get where were gonna get ice cream sandwich on the markets. Where is ads airing November the first excuse -- was in the galaxy nexus will be out. Sometime in November okay so of that is apparently and would you agree it needs to step up and answer Syria or is Google Voice technology equal to -- all of -- -- Have two different things Googles voice search is -- -- -- one -- then you tell the phone something it does it. So if you want to use it for voice input you can do that if you want to use it to say send text message to -- that there isnt going to be fifteen minutes late. Itll do that. Dont talk back to use only that the thing about -- that -- bridal life. Yeah and so itll say things like you know like oh -- -- like serial have you itll il to see that all the phones and thats -- and I dont know if its really useful. Building. For some functions it is when for example the keynote biggest but the classic example at this point classic in two weeks two weeks ago that -- read do I need an umbrella today -- minute news -- -- -- -- forecast. Where with -- youd have to say -- app weather and its pop on the screen okay so its. More directive. From you on Google and -- little -- Interactive or even discussion based with -- kind of like you know -- -- the classic. -- classic -- but of the period and and app classic tapping quickly index and you quickly will Apples kind of an experienced company. And Google is though -- -- -- software company has always difference to me the data phone in the phone gives you data. Words which -- does what I wanna talk to my phone and I care about it and -- that but so this story were look at it here the technology review one of their reporters so it took a look at some new ice cream sandwich voice technology at -- a demo in Hong -- and -- -- this was this with the Adobe galaxy nickel that was the -- was in Hong -- look at. And apparently said to the phones this right now policy. He He got a call and we didnt -- was able to take -- I think it was able to say hey man Id -- to talk right now but Im a little busy okay its W later periods smiley ce. And the phone was able to figure that out and I believe if I have this right was able to understand He wanted to text -- that. Not necessarily have to say text message to someones elements of the message so -- a little closer to some kind of intelligent. The biggest kind of deep that I saw at that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- stream you know the biggest thing thats -- is that I -- used Googles voice entry and you know that its basically. You start talking and theres a microphone on the screen and then after a couple seconds it -- back out something that -- think. That that it thinks that you were trying to say yeah in some -- the story and some -- -- wrong. The new setting goes work outward so if youre in a text entry field. And as you start talking in a text Brian. Itll go to texting. And then as I start saying Ill be fifteen minutes late youll see the words popping -- Ill be fifteen minutes late. And you can direct on the fly so where is. In the previous system if you sit at least fifteen minutes late and if it got all your blow up a -- cents -- start again yet or you have to you know like reach and touch the screen -- -- means fifteen from like you know like teenagers to fifteen we -- whatever -- -- able to see that -- you didnt get the eighteenth if you -- go back. Fifteen. And then a slob like like a dragon program -- and its its its what you can watch it taking your dictation. Or -- -- so its supposed to be more accurate. Featuring that in -- encryption which makes it easier. I guess. I really think its easier is probably eternal when in use but also more inviting for users to use because you can actually see. -- you more granular yet. And if youre granular network and heard about iris. Is not just here in about today Europe apart to link in the show notes -- -- actually is an app for -- That is what -- read it -- and its asserted that there is experts Im not a but its -- same thing you -- little. Old tiny microphone down the bottom of the app you -- -- and you can -- usually. Kinda looks like it takes. A conversation that youre having with the phone. Where you -- a you know I have. Was this what -- -- -- the rude and youll see some people think that the chicken cross through it to the other side. And at the classic price of a dollar 43 what -- they probably prices and I think that its one of -- -- worried. The -- -- developed by developer and of the country. -- -- -- It is one kronor or some -- But its get a good price its -- to try out so iris lets you -- inevitable Syria on your employees really like behavior and yeah right cease and desist its refining analogous to answer gonna get off topic on MacArthur here but Syria I guess that its -- back ended by a number of services are some Google but not just Google -- their searching to power series -- over finding out now. Whereas of course I would imagine this is all Google powered in terms of where its going to get its. Information as it translates what you say. So the question is you know again -- gets down to services whos got the best. Whos got the best service back in not list the best technology and has the best handset -- the best liberal voice recognition thats one thing to do as the best. Content recognition as the best richness to go serve that request who has Google and more -- Google just limit themselves to Google and sometimes the best result would be -- -- And at saint. Im not mistaken one of scenes -- that that this -- reaches out to Bing and Google and a couple other services assault. River when asked to use that was there. -- Internet is gimmick. When thats right speak to -- natural lingered right titan mystery whats the weather yet. And it would that understand all that to and obviously thats in -- and I disaster comes still out there thats out there that you. -- -- -- -- -- We -- there was still there Baltimore -- -- Lets see now weve got self -- cars back in the news a GM manages -- muscle driving cars repeatedly for awhile but theyre really planting a more concrete stake in the ground now. -- Rick Wagner the CEO GM router on the crash times in 08. Until 109 herself said were ten years away from self driving cars and -- saying were. Still on track actually for that saying in twenty -- about nine years away. Were still on track result driving cars -- theyre gonna staying on this on this point on this semi autonomous by the middle of the decade. Thats this decade theyre talking about. And -- teens and 20s20 by an -- -- on autonomous car which includes car -- car which is -- full autonomy comes from. You cant really do for autonomy lists of cars talking to -- -- -- in this diagram after watching -- video version thats the key is to get the cards and were talking though earlier yesterday about. This is like. Its really just a lack of software now. And this whole speech or thisll statement came out of the intelligent transportation systems conference which happened last week I believed. Or early this week and yet the youd all the a lot of the equipment is already in the cards and also -- say is mandating. Vehicle to vehicle and equally infrastructure communication. Right I feel with the deed dates are that theyre really pushing that yeah we talk -- that a few weeks ago and theyve got a real mandate on -- -- is is warning systems and so when you combine that with. Cars having bet Id drive by wire systems and steering by wire action is coming pretty becoming pretty -- electric power steering you. -- firewire. Breaks are still mechanical only Mercedes offers a true. Brake by wire its been a disaster in the field but there are they ABS systems and all that we can and there -- four doesnt mean -- -- -- a separate braking system but no ones doing the panel by wire except the SL. And even thats an option and its a really expensive one and it had lots of issues -- Was the last place you want problems and is in -- -- X com. But this is the parts -- there we just need a few thousand lines of code. And cards also -- the question is global society be ready for so different parts thats that thats a big part of the the puzzle most folks are freaking -- -- -- so you doses. Quick informal poll self driving cars body or you love the idea. Some people are really nervous about it the idea of our tickets in a -- -- -- in the note to -- second street you must mail postcard sent. So when youre seriously relative to do is you dont wanna route Rushmore with a spray -- -- -- -- answer. There are tickets in a dark and having to let people -- right union also with Norton really -- airports of sky riding. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Text your answer on someone elses forehead and and ask iPad -- prisoners you are allowed to join us. While -- left. Com so you -- -- -- things have very big consistent GM message I find that interest in what theyre queuing up to say okay were gonna be the leader in this tech. You know Ford -- killed us on in cabin on -- with sync they still are kind of you know known for having the cool cabin thing. Other companies undies -- got the quality in the emerging brands and you know Mercedes -- kind of floundering right now BMWs got the the hottest German car out their brand tough when -- without the but GM I think it was to own autonomy in the biggest way. And this is gonna be writing their big brand position in the next strategic -- and -- -- two years I think well see all the majors push in this direction now. Because its mandated because its deteriorate possible with the technology I think all the major automakers are going to. Only to come up pretty close together on you know offering this particular theyll have all these components are talking about -- -- everyones putting in electric power steering in the and the meal while -- by wire I dont think more than a handful of cars have cable throttles anymore. Having aerial we will we -- to litigate this on all their cars or drive by Arnold and expensive cars and theyre all gone with the actuators made by the company that made that actually -- Part of their prompt lets see GM portable safety system and it rolled out -- is related to OnStar I think we got here this is a system. Where they are allowing you to buy a device should put -- your car that gives your car and any other car that has this device. Car to car communication. Over a short range of a quarter mile or so so its kinda like DIY car -- car. But in the Thursday -- towards its -- -- and a piece that lets you start equipping your car that way the cool thing is this is something in that committed. Be an aftermarket solution because the mixes when they want to have all -- credit card community and come out theyre talking about the army has put in on all their new cars -- but also needed on the older cars that is on the broad rights. Is estimated from a self driving cars is a mix of self driving and not and thats when you minimize the benefits to Begin with because without car -- car cohesive late. You know. Part of the part of the product interest to have cars that follow each other maybe -- -- -- distance because of computers can do say we cant were too stupid we yet we have we -- we react to slow. So that really allows you to have to build r fewer highways if any more highways at all if you can reduce the car distance by. Six times bring it down to one -- that that of six at sixty miles an hour for example not that anyone really drives -- -- distance and more. But. Its -- correlate to do that that all of a sudden you get this great efficiency but then non autonomous car pulls in front of you know youre. Autonomous cars lets say I cant talk to that one I got a drawback. And if its well -- and so now we just global lot of the benefit of just that one thing well actually one of the big benefits of the student is safety set -- a car. Comes -- through an intersections a blows a red light. If your -- no -- one -- the loss could be playing with blue links and -- -- are communicating with each other and -- your cart knows the scars running the red -- in your -- and hit the -- for yet. Answer -- that thats a public safety wins here and but if the car going to the currently doesnt have the system no win. Yummy but that -- that could also be somewhere the infrastructure can step in there already sensors that multiple lights for the red light camera. Whom if you out -- stoplights notices that somebodys going through where pedestrians walking out. Or some guy and a bike is -- the guys in the bike always. Its important -- ignoring all lights all stop -- and hovering in my blind spot perfectly. Perfectly. Celebrities and never actually person to person communication systems we ought to -- where hes our bicycles and it is on bicycles and then on people okay and compacts and on the elderly and on that crazy -- down -- sixth and market in the wheelchair everyones gotta get one of illness and -- -- guy. Yeah. Everybody gets what a K its for an implant -- is due to think that this is interesting. The that the -- the estimate here is that this kind of technology could prevent autonomous cars that can talk to each other government 81% of crashes. Thats a huge claim its a huge number. And that was that I came out of like you say that I TS conference whats gonna happen all the repair shops and Ill -- what happens all the body -- what happens to our emergency room and -- sorry -- At that economies work on good and bad occurrences as barbecues and youll be -- it is people grew beneath that youll find we -- -- -- -- way to hurt themselves itll spend more time on skateboards and -- timing carcass. Five rockets and -- -- the bodies council on something. I -- the people of Kenya into fewer accidents theyll be more likely to actually customize it it -- If thats any money on their hospital -- since I. They can take that -- allocate that too would err okay it does thats whatever ones -- about. So if youre watching this its its an aftermarket way for you to bring your older car into this autonomous -- thats why this ties in that -- big story. Which animal puzzles along -- other sister karma is of course a highly. Anticipated entry in the luxury but attainable. Electrified car business this is a vehicle that is a this it was a range extender right. Yet its electric. Mug and -- it now treatment is -- their wheels the gasoline engine to provide extra electricity went to -- completed yet its a really nice -- very similar durable powers a dollar -- that it might not -- -- -- right look at the -- are watching your video -- and its like go whats the what was the character in rocky and bullwinkle are some in the forests. It was Arcelia. Has sparked an update almost as it was welcomed but -- this this argument divorce at the and that and it tosses in the passenger -- Anyway dollar car very hot great looking heinrichs whiskers an old BMW guys -- this companies always had cred but they just got there EPA rating. The real number its an MP GC number like we talked about before. Which is an equivalent to gasoline consumption but -- -- came in your EPA testing says it has 32 miles now officially of pure electric range. 52 MP GE. On electricity. And a mere twenty MPG one running on gasoline. The question is what does that mean running on gasoline thats when its generating this is a bolt writes yet when its the gas engine -- generating electricity driving the that the battery to relatives of the motors look at the vault received a 93 MP GE and the -- 106 -- this is. The MPG of the volt -- -- -- for twice or three times the price. Yet to luxury car -- people who buy luxury cars dont care about the minutia of that they can afford to drive and the amount of consumption. But I dont -- this is gonna have as much of a cool Green angle to it as a lot of those kind of buyers like. Yet -- of more than 32 miles today. If you -- seriously more than yet about the data youre gonna wanna also tossed the recent of that. -- me and you miles per right just being a regular just being a regular hybrid without any tricks of plugging in no hassles to plug them. And this guy is -- about a dollars again. So not sure how this is gonna play -- their market not sure if thats going to be a problem or not but this they finally get the real numbers -- on the on the car whats gonna have the Tesla marvelous to challenge it next year yeah. Which comes in the three different price tiers --