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Revetment gabion cages hot water in the town of Yichun City

1 Project Overview
Wentang town flood control projects located within the town's hot water hot water in the upper reaches of the River Main, a hilly valley topography landform types, northeastern low, southern high river flows from south to north. Township roughly by hot water and lining the river river spread throughout wentang town surrounded by mountains. Proposed river training long 5.035 km, engineering protection area of ​​10.2 km2, protecting 07,700 people, 353hm2 farmland. River width of 15 ~ 30m, only about 1.0 km of cross-strait status quo of the river with flood control facilities, and most of the quality problems, no other river flood control facilities, the basic natural river; river clogging serious flood poor . The construction projects are: hot water river control, flood control facilities and present new flood control facilities reinforcement works. This works on the river bank revetment revetment using gabion cages.

Two characteristics of gabion cages
Gabion cage is a metal wire woven angular Network (Hexagonal) cage made of, the use of metal wire according to the size of the hexagon. If the wire hexagonal metal coating, then the diameter is 2.0mm to 4.0mm wire. If the PVC coated hexagonal woven metal wire, the outside diameter of 3. 0 mm to 4. 5 mm of PVC (metal) wire. Frame edge of the line to use than hexagonal wire thick on the 1st line. Gabion way is to use twisted pair wire tied together to form a mesh, so that even twelve line is broken, it will not be solved, do not fall apart.
Gabion cage construction is simple, economical, no special techniques. Just fill the stone into the gabions and seal it. Has a strong withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistance to adverse climate impacts. Can withstand a wide range of deformation, but not collapse. Mud between the stones is conducive to plant growth, blend with the surrounding natural environment. Has good permeability, to prevent damage caused by hydrostatic. Save transportation costs, which can be folded together for transport, assembly on site.

3 gabion revetment construction methods cages

3.1 Construction Program
Laying stone cage before the slope ahead of leveling sand according to the design requirements laid and compacted gravel cushion to achieve solid and stable. Measured according to the design drawings lofting gabion wire axis and the inner and outer sides. Check the appearance of gabion cages whether the defect or vandalism to determine box size, mesh diameter, diameter, edges, borders diameter, and are ready to install the tool, laying install gabion mats and filling stone.

3.2 gabion cage lashing
Lashing Interval Network: manually opened gabion mats about a 90 ° angle, lashing interval network to become box-shaped. Lashing wire line using the same material, and double-stranded above lashing twist tight. Online four fixed intervals and lashing twist tight.
Laying gabion mats: Approved laying position, according to the design icon placed gabion mats. In the overall combined vertical direction, lashing all adjacent gabion mat borders, vertically down from the start with the lead wire around 2-3 laps after banding, gabion mat adjacent to the border line shall be binding online, so You can link to neighboring body, lashing 4 per square meter. Gabion mats link, to get ready for filling stone.

3.3 rubble fill
First, gabion wire mesh scaffolding fixed to avoid its deformation. Mechanically or manually rock fill, fill a fill a grid of stone not to guarantee complete gabion shape; each gabion spaces shall at the same uniform feeding to ensure gabion Founder. Stone according to the design requirements for acceptance, prohibited the use of rust stone, weathered stone, garbage stone, stone mesh size shall not be greater than 2 times the diameter.
Stone put, first in the bottom with a diameter of 100mm ~ 150mm stones evenly furnishings, and then start from the four corners yards cages masonry stones diameter of about 200mm, and then with the appropriate level of stone layered furnishings , the size of the middle box with padding, padding finished fixing the box. When the filler during filling up tank 1/4, with a small gravel or sand filling vacancies, and once with the drill rod rammer compaction, adjust cabinet lines. Externally exposed parts shall assemble the artificial barrier, neatly packing density to beautiful. Based on the actual amount needed to set stretch.

3.4 tied closed lid
Capping shall, before the top stone paved smooth, checking each cages filled with stone height, the height difference and length difference within the design, they can tie wire tied closed with a lid. Tied closed when the cover from the bottom up, sealing edge connection is closed, the box around the border by not less than 15 cm spacing banding again, if they had basically the same lines, so that all cages in a row overall, on the river bank slope the overall protection.
Crimped wire mesh 
4 gabion revetment comparison with stone pitching

Gabion revetment and stone pitching compared in Table 1.

Table 1 gabion revetment comparison with stone pitching

5 gabion revetment effect
Gabion cages cost less than the cost of pouring concrete, stone masonry below or close to the cost, especially in the area of ​​poor soil foundation to build protection works, the use of gabion structures, foundation treatment can avoid the trouble.
Since cages constituting a certain tensile strength of the wire, pulled off easily, filling the gap between the material and filled with a certain ability to adapt to the deformation. Local base situation changes, such as the occurrence of uneven subsidence, earthquakes, etc., cabinets filler bound by the cage cages will not go outside, but will adjust the formation of a new equilibrium; because of cages is flexible structure, protection engineering surfaces with minor variations may occur, but the cracks do not occur, resulting in protective cage is pulled off the phenomenon of the body is destroyed.
The gap between the stone cages, provided sufficient water area, reducing hydrostatic pressure, does not require special drainage device and a control device for concrete cracks. Great place to do in the storm protection works, stone exists between the pores, so that when the storm hit the net pad, its role was greatly resolved, waves back, the resulting vacuum suction have been destroyed, can effectively achieve the protective effect.
Gabion cage used in the protective embankment, the cage can effectively prevent soil erosion and water erosion prevention embankments, and the surface can provide the conditions necessary for plant growth.

6 Conclusion
In China or worldwide, river training works for the protection of the river riverbed, retaining embankments, slope generally use stone mortar or concrete pouring, as impervious, can not meet the needs of the natural ecology. The practical application shows that due to its unique network structure, gabion revetment to restore ecological, green environment, improve people's quality of life. Hydraulic engineering is human transformation and utilization of natural resources for the benefit of mankind projects, but also has the potential development value of tourism resources, should deeply understand and take advantage of this feature water conservancy projects, and actively develop tourism, so that more people understand through tourism and understanding of water conservancy projects, and access to certain economic benefits. Gabion revetment special function not only dam slope protection, and the use of the gap filler network can grow plants, green environment, the dam embankment, while also adding natural scenery, reaching the water conservancy construction and perfect for sightseeing combined.