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Ep 1294 Where we give you the evil eye

Created: 06/28/2013 After a few snack-related distractions, well get to todays headline story about Grinders: a subculture of hackers that alter their bodies for digital enhancement, and one guy in particular that surgically implanted magnets in his ear to create invisible headphones.

-All right. Its Friday, June 28th, 2013. This is the 404 Show on this beautiful Friday in New York City. Im Jeff Bakalar. -Im Justin Yu. -Im Ariel NuÃez. -Welcome to the program. Peace out June, I aint gonna miss you. -I thought youre gonna say juice for a second. I was like, wait, what you-- is something happened here I dont know about? -Peace out juice. -All right juice. -Get a life juice. -Yeah, it is beautiful today. -Let me ask you a question. Im gonna just bring this surprisingly cause I didnt discuss this in the pre-show. -There are no surprises bro. -Have you ever had a Sees candies before? -Yes. The chocolates? -Yes. -S-E-E-- -S-E-E--S possessive. -Have. -Do you like them? -I mean its freaking chocolate dude, whats not to like? -No. Its not freaking chocolate. -It is chocolate. -Have you had Sees candies obviously, right? -Yeah, of course. -So I was hanging out with a friend yesterday and my mom sent me a care package earlier this week-- -By the way, Alice you only give Justin sugar. -Yeah. -Whenever theres a package that comes from out West addressed to Justin from Mama Yu-- -Right. -Sugar-- -Its like sugar and then it actually went to sweet ctory and then went to the China Town groceries, where we can just bought stuff at those two locations. -She must think like, My growing boy needs all the sugar he can get. -Thats like black beans and fried fish in a can and then like, Snickers bars on the other side. -Nice. -Shes just trying to-- -And Sees candies. -kill your teeth. Thats what shes trying to do. -Yeah. This is why I developed the sweet tooth. -Yeah. -Thats why I only have one tooth now. -Again-- -And its sweet. -But I brush it a lot. What the hell are we talking about? Sees candies. -Sees candies. I share them with a friend and it blew her mind cause shes from New York and has never tried Sees candy before. I gave her one of the Bordeaux bars, which is basically just like pure sugar. -Yeah. -It was amazing. And I was wondering if you had ever eaten Sees candies before. And if you had said no, would have brought them in. Since youve already eaten them-- -So why dont you have any on you right now, man? I mean, youre gonna bring it up. What if I said no, it would have been amazing if you just presented it right here. -Okay, right. Wait til Monday then and Ill bring you some Sees candies. -Oh, man. Im not gonna be here Monday. -Thats Monday. Oh, yeah Ariels gone all next week. -Youre gonna have your own candy next week. You dont have to worry about it. -Thats true. -I mean, it was a nice candy. -You know, whats really dumb and overrated? -What? -Cotton candy. -What? -Dont what me. -I love cotton candy. -Do you? -Yeah. -You love that sticky, disgusting crap that gets on your fingers. You have to rub it on the persons shirt in front of you. -Yeah. It makes me feel like Im in a ir, cause you only ever get cotton candy in a ir. You know whats overrated is popcorn. -No. Popcorn-- I love that. I think its-- -Unless its Kettlecorn, then thats really good. But regular popcorn is supremely overrated. Who cares about that stuff? -Kettlecorns great. You have Caramel corn. -Oh, yeah. -Give me some of that. What else we wanna eat? Lets say-- -Breadsticks? -Fudge? The straight up fudge. -Yeah, okay. -Took you to that Atlantic City Fudge place when we were there. Remember that? -Yeah. -Some Jersey Shore Fudge. -Churros. Theres this place called Doughnut Plant in the City and they have Churros. But I do-- when I buy them at the store and I take them home and put in the microwave and deep them in Nutella. Oh, its so good. -When is Nutella gonna be publicly traded? -So good. -Why are you not obese? -Yeah-- like you-- -Why dont I have a diabetes? -Yeah. You should have type-2 diabetes. -We dont know that. -I do [unk]. -Youve never been tested. -No. -You really have it. -I have been tested, in ct. -And youre not. -I dont-- I do not have. -Youre not even like flirting with it? -No. -The doctor wasnt even like, sit down, son. -You have one toe in the pool of diabetes. -Right. I mean, you like take off your jacket and all these Tic Tacs lling. -Tic Tac-- -Like that was your go-to-- no all these Hi-Chews. -Yeah. Thank you. Im more culture already. -Im obsessed with Hi-Chews lately. -Yeah. -Hi-Chews are where its at. If you never had Hi-Chews, go to your local-- I dont know. -Continental grocery store? -Well, its not just that anymore. Its not like an-- -You can get them anywhere now. -Yeah, you can get them for like bodegas and stuff-- -Theyre super mainstream. They come from out there, right? -What? -Theyre made in China or theyre made in Japan? -I think so. Im not sure. I dont know-- maybe. -They definitely originate in that part of the world. -But theyre basically just gummy candies, not unlike Starburst. -Right. -But their flavor is-- -Yeah. Theyre like fruit-- natural fruit-flavored Starburst. -No, I dont wanna use the word natural. -Theyre made to look like natural fruit-flavored candies. -Right. And theyre all the same color. Theyre just like white. -Yeah. -Theyre not very appetizing the way a Starburst is. -But you know how when you eat Starburst, its really annoying because they would get stuck to your teeth and you have to like-- -Right. Thats the beauty of Hi-Chew. -Hi-Chews do not get stuck to your teeth. -Why? -I dont know. Theyre coated in baking soda. -Really? -That what makes them so tasty. You know, I dont know if thats the case. -Okay. -But they come in really delicious flavors. -My vorite is cantaloupe. -Ive never had the cantaloupe. I gotta try that. Im addicted to the green apple. Give me like 15 packs of green apple for one day. -That was really-- -Theres a lot of sugar in them though, okay? Gotta watch out for that. -And I want all of them. -I want like a variety pack, you know, and just like pop one every hour and see what happens to my brain. -Let me ask you a question. -You know in California, Ariel. You can go to any mall in California and go to a Bolt Candy Store like sweet ctory-- -B-O-L-T? -or its B-O-L-T for example. -Yeah. Gotcha. -Where in New York City can you get Bolt Candy? -What the hell is Bolt candy? -I dont think you can get it anywhere-- -Its like-- -Like where you serve yourself the candy. Were you have like these-- -Dylan Tongs, right? Oh, Dylans Candy Shop. Is that like uptown right? Time Square? -Its in like the 50s or 60s. -Well, okay. -Interesting. -Yeah. Cause thats-- -Cause were looking for a spot. Theres no sweet ctories in the city. -Yeah, we used to have sweet ctories-- on the East Coast they used to be more popular. Theres definitely wanted another place like that. -Get your sour belts. -Oh, my God. Give me some of those sour peaches, the rings. -Yeah. -Give me some of them sour watermelons as well while were at it. -Give me the Runts but only the banana flavor. -Runts? -Runts. The hard those-- -I remember the candies. -Yeah, those are good. -Feel like thats-- -But only the bananas. -Thats no Runts. I associate with like just classlessness. -Well. -Like when you-- like Runts were the treat that you got at Halloween and like the person who had Runts like just took a pile out of a bowl and pour them into your pillow case. -Yeah. Right. -Thats what they did. Theyre like-- here. Let me just top off a couple of Runts in your pillow case for you there, sir. -I love that. -You know-- -Wait, the [unk] is like the Necco wafers, anybody? -Necco wafer-- -The Necco wafers. -Oh, Necco wafers. -Yeah, those are nasty. -No, theyre like sugar wafers. I love those dude. -No, I dont like those. -No? -Thats like old lady candy. -Yeah. -No. Its good. You can taste them off balls. -No. -Yeah, thats good. -Oh, those are nasty. -Thats good. Now you guys are ass holes. Im good. -Yeah. Those were like-- -Youre a-- what that-- I dont know why Im-- -Necco wafers? -Yeah, theyre good. -No. Theyre good. The best is-- you were like, did you do a lot of trick or treating growing up? -No, I never trick or treated in my life. -No, but like some people just dont, because they dont live in a place that cilitates that. -Yes, I have. -You too Ariel? -Yeah, I have. -The best is when you would like, go to some guys house and he didnt eat-- you know, there just so many kids that didnt know any better. I remember there was this one guy who used to give out the king-sized of Reeses peanut butter cups. -Yes. -Oh, yeah. -Like those are four packs. Those are like on the Halloween market. Those are pretty high up there. -My mom would drove me into the rich area of Huntington Beach-- -Nice. -And she took me there and they-- it looks like they just went to [unk] and went crazy. -Theyve giving out hundred dollar bills and whatnot. -Yeah. -Wrap my ring. -Yeah,Gabion mesh wrapped in like a gold bracelet. -Right. -And theyre like, here you go sir. -We won a Faberge egg? There you go. -So, anyway, this guy with a freaking king-sized cups, youd be like, Oh, my God. We gotta hit that guy up again. We got-- so I remember I was just like 6 dude one time, and we-- he was living in a Cul de Sac, right? So we all like traded masks. -Nice. -We hit them 4 times and were like an hour. Yeah, cause like Im also-- Im out. -Yeah. Its all because of you guys. -You clean me out. -He probably knew it was you. -He probably. -Hes like, these kids are crazy but-- -One of my buddies was like, here you go. Put my finger up to my nose. Im no mustache man. -Yeah. -You never seen me before. -Love it. -Yeah, thats awesome. -Oh, I missed it. -My mom used to give out haw flakes. -What? -Do you know what those are? -No. -She might as well pour-- -Haw flakes, the most disgusting candy ever made. -What is that? -Theyre made of fruit from the Chinese hawthorn trees. -Oh, my God. I gotta vomit. -Look-- check these out. This is what haw flakes are. If theres any Asian, I know what that is. -It looked like slices of salami. -Yeah. -Disgusting. -Those are disgusting. They-- I dont even know what-- they tastes like-- -See? This is how like stereotypes form though. -You get it, all right? -I think you understand, this is how stereotypes for. -Yeah. This is why white people think Asian people are weird. -No, but its like-- -Which is a hundred percent. -If Im a kid growing up and Im like, oh, its not how [unk] use. They gave out these weirdo salami slices. -Right. Yeah. -And they dont even wrap them individually. -Yeah, I know. They gave them one by one. And you have to open your mouth and they just put them right in your mouth as you go. -Id rather go to the old lady who just gives me 4 pennies than have to deal with these slices. -They probably taste better than the haw flakes too, those pennies. -It was so gross. -You know, theyre nasty. They what is the consistency of them? They kinda taste like fruit roll-up? -Right. But-- -Yeah. -Not like a fruit roll-up. -Like dries-- like stomped on a bunch of time before you drive through the gutter. -It looks like fruit roll-up jerky is what they looks like. -Oh, theyre so nasty. -Yeah, my mom was so mean. -Really man. -Uh-hmm. -Its amazing how well you turned out. -Yeah. -Well, she sent the good stuff for me. She gave the haw flakes [unk]. Yeah. Theyre like Asian Necco wafers. -Yeah, I dont know if I wanna say that. -Yeah, thats so funny. -Yeah. -All right. Well, we can have our sugar later. -How do we get into this topic? -How do we get-- I think were talking about how cotton candy sucks-- something like that. -Oh, Sees candies. -Oh, Sees candies. -Right. Yeah. -There you go. Ten minutes later, here we are. -Yeah. I love candy. -All right. Speaking of-- oh, so do you like candy? -Yeah. -You like candy? -Yeah. -All right, well-- you know how like theyre super rare candy that you can get, you know what I mean? -Yeah, adult candies. -Like super-- -No, like candy-- even like normal candy, but its not made-- -But its not metaphors here or like? -No, were talking real candy but then also like adult candy. -Okay. -Anyway, all this is leading up to a thing called Atlantis. -Terrible translation. -Okay. -It does sell-- they do sell hard-to-find candy. They do. -Okay. -Would like me to talk about the story here? -Please do. -Okay. This is weird. This is the first ever hearing about it. Theres a site now called Atlantis, which is basically a black market-- the Amazon of black market stuff. -Yeah. -Of naughty stuff. -Its like Silkroad. Remember that Silkroad market place, where you can only use like bitcoins to buy it but you have to install like a program in order to get to the website. -Right. So the way-- right. Exactly. -This is like that-- -So it would requires you to use Thor, which is that, sort of like anonymous proxy network thing. -Right. -Once youre hooked through there, you can log on to Atlantis and you can buy straight up hardcore narcotics. -Yeah. -And its crazy because not only is it just a breeding ground for all the terrible things in the world that you or are legal and whatnot. But, they seemed to be like advertising now. And they seemed to be pretty proud of the ct that their site has become this gulch of the internet. And what I really think is crazy is that, when you go through like some of the listings, theres no-- like, you know, youre going [unk] to the state. You change your words or I use code. -Yeah. -Theres no code with saying, blocked our heroin $800. -Right. -Right? Thats how it works and you can bring up the site here on the screen. I mean scroll down to the bottom. There is a-- you can just buy e, marijuana-- I mean, this is for nobody. -One ounce of pure MDMA crystals for $650. -So Im just blown away and you can actually buy hard-to-find candies like a Kinder Bueno, which-- theyre all illegal. -Great. -So its like for a buck 30, you can get candy thats hard to find. -Right. -Maybe its like under embargo or whatever. -Yeah, the weird thing is that, you can actually get things that arent even physical goods like this guy is selling instructions on how to get free NetFlix for life in 3 steps. All you gotta do is to give this guy 20 bucks. -Obviously, this is all illegal and were not encouraging anyone to check it out. Were just reporting the ct that there is this under belly of the internet that has really grown in popularity to kind of epic portion. -That being said, I did do some healthy research on the website. -Did you go there, really? -I did. Yeah, I went there. You know whats the coolest thing that I found on this website? People are selling hotel keys, right? -Oh, my God. -But not to break in-- -Why is this cool? -Not to break into hotels but because a lot of people are looking for free places to go swimming in the summertime, right? And in order to get into these pools in the hotels like the Gansevoort for example, or the Ace Hotel in New York. You have to have a room key but they dont check to see if your room key is legit. You just gotta flash it in front of their ce. -Right. -Right? So people, you know, when you get to a hotel, you have a room. You can ask for another additional room key to get it duplicated for you. Well, these people do that. And then they keep one of them cause there are guest, they dont keep a record of how many copies they gave-- -Yeah, those are disposable. -Yeah, they just give you it cause they can deactivate it after you leave anyway, right? -This is weird. -And then they go online and sell them on Atlantis. Thats pretty cool. Selling for 50 bucks, Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh and thats a great way to just go swimming for free man. -No, man. Thats not cool. You cant do that. -Why not? Thats hacking the system, thats great. -Man, this summer heat? Any way to get into a pool, I do it. -Yeah. -Like Hudson River is lovely this time of the year. -Yeah. -I saw another hack that was really cool too. You wanna hear about it? -Sure. -People are selling press pass templates, right? So press pass templates, where you just drag your own photo onto the template and you can fill out whatever information. This is how I type, by the way. You just fill out whatever information you want like a Marionette. And then you printed out. Go to Kingcos and get it laminated and then you can get into places like museums for free that allow press to give in, no charge. Its pretty good, right? -If thats another hacking-the-system thing. -Thats pretty sweet. -Im not upset with that one. -I mean, thats not hard core drugs. But its something that you probably wouldnt be able to get on eBay for example. -Well, theres stuff that we used to be able to do when we were kids we cant do anymore. -Like hack payphones-- -Yeah. -We did that. -Oh, yeah. -Oh, you ever do like the dollar bill with a bunch of clear tape? -Yeah. -That you could put into a vending machine and then pull back everything. -But didnt work on every vending machine. -No. Not all the time. -Lets see. I used my Palm pilot to grab like IR so that when people went into their like garages and stuff, you could like open it after you can capture their Infrared. -Wow, youre advanced. -Thats not-- -IR. -Yeah, thats raid and thats RF. Yeah, whatever, RF or IR extension. -You just like-- you know, we just sit there and like mess with this dudes garage door for about an hour and 30 minutes. -A little point is that then you could go and win and steal everything from their garage. -Well, okay. I didnt realize there was the payoff was actually, you know-- -Yes. [unk]. -Okay. So anyway, back on to Atlantis and off of my criminal history. You can also pay someones just hack into someones Facebook if you wanna see their profiles. Thats only 183 bucks, small price to pay. -What the hell kind of world that were living in? -Pretty kickass one if you ask. -Yeah, awesome one. They also sell magnetic tag detachers for the sensors they put on stuff at retail stores. -Right, enabling you to shop lift. -Right, yeah. Pretty cool. -Nice. -Its like the Anarchist Cookbook has a website, has a marketplace and this is it. -Yes. Viagra. -Yeah, dude. You can buy-- I mean, like-- and were again, we gotta stress that were not endorsing anyone going here. We really-- dont roll your eyes. -Im not. -We really have to stress that. But Im not gonna lie man, I kinda want a freaking Canadian passport. -Yeah? -That some fireworks. -I kinda just swag that in some fireworks. You think that will be okay. -Can you add everything to your cart and then check out and like a coupon codes and frequent flyer miles and stuff like that. -Yeah, you get a free coin buyer card-- -Punch cards-- -You get the 10th one free. -Thats a scary. -You buy guns. -You could buy guns out there. -I dont know. Now we dont like it. Now, we dont like it. -Yeah. -I had no problem buying social security card and 15 European Visa numbers-- -Yeah. -But the second you start selling guns on this place-- -You know whats also really scare is that people are selling identities. -Yeah. -On Atlantis. -Not cool. -So you could buy someones entire identity, a social security card, their credit card account, bank accounts, all that stuff. -If-- there is a fine line, isnt not? -Yeah. -There is a fine line. -What I dont get, isnt there a way to track these items and like-- -Well, its all anonymous so they only allow you to log in to the site through tor, which is like a-- just like a-- think of it as like VPN-ending through like an anonymous place. -Yeah. -Right. -And then you use Bitcoin, which is also anonymous cause you buy those on a separate website. -Theres no names, man. No names. -Yeah, no names. -But where do they get this stuff ship to though? -Yeah, you gotta send it to your house, right? -No. -Do they do carting? Remember carting back in the day when you copied down someones car and then youd send whatever stole in items you purchased online to an open house and then you go and pick it up at a later date. -Yup. -I didnt do that my friend. -I didnt do that either. I bet you were the guy who like ordered pizza to places that didnt ordered pizza. -Maybe. -Man, youre an amateur. -Is that what theyre doing here to get stuff sent to them? -No. -Cause theyd be fooled if they go through all this in anonymous stuff and they get it sent to your apartment. -So, whats really kinda cool-- well, that wasnt cool but a way to do it and this is just educational, again. If you live in any kind of-- you know, urban-ish city, you can-- a lot of places, a lot of restaurants will allow you to have stuff shipped to them. -Uh-hmm. -And, you know, you give them your name and you, you know, have it shipped over there under your real name or the name that you choose to use. -Right. -And then you come in there and you have bring some sort identifying card if this is-- if youre that person and you pick up your package. -Theres things you could do at like, you know, like-- I think 7 Eleven have-- -Oh, like lock box? -Locker boxes. -Right. -And stuff like that. Were going to jail man. -Yeah. -Freaking go to jail dude. -I think so. I didnt do anything wrong. -We didnt do anything. Were just reporting the news on Buzzfeed. -Yeah. Just reading. -Come on. Everyone trusts Buzzfeed. -Yeah, thats crazy. -Yeah. -What do you guys wanna buy? I mean, you dont have to go online to buy fireworks. You just go to New Hampshire, right? -Pennsylvania. -Yeah, in Pennsylvania. Closer. So what do you guys wanna buy? -I dont know. -Do you wanna buy anything crazy? -Not really trying to do anything bad. -Yeah. -Yeah. I know-- -Im trying to get a rest-- -Like Im not trying to buy like 400 credit card numbers-- -Yeah. -I really dont know what I would do with that. -Yeah. -Kinda too old for all of this. Too old to go to jail. -Yeah. -Right? I mean like, what would you-- you know whats really crazy is how much more infinitely accessible this stuff was when we were younger. -Right. Yeah. -Like there-- like if you want-- when I was 13, I could get you any-- I could get you credit card. I can get your credit card number. I never did it. -Yeah. -Cause even at the tender age of 13, you know like, Oh, my God. This is bad news. I dont want anything to do with this. -Well, anyone that you give your credit card to a waiter at a restaurant could possibly copy down your credit card, right? -Oh, for sure. -For sure that happened. But-- -No,Expanded Metal but I mean like, you could get-- yeah youre right. -It gonna be really easy. -Yeah. -Scary. You know, we should order and this is legal. We should order those Miracle Berries and try them on air. -What is that? -What the freak are you talking about? -You never heard of Miracle berries before? -No, weirdo guy. What are you talking about? -Theyre not drugs. You can order them on ThinkGeek actually, I believe. -Oh, all right. So what is it? -And so, people have these Miracle berry parties, right? And theyre basically, these things you buy online and theyre like tablets where if you put them on your mouth, if you ingest them. They basically make anything you eat tastes super sweet. -Oh, thats not-- -I dont the sciences behind it or whatever. But a lot of people would just buy a bunch of these and then they have parties where they just like eat these tablets and then eat lemons for the rest of the day and the lemons tastes like the most sweetest fruit you ever tasted. -Or like celery or something? -Yeah, like a pound of butter and itll like taste delicious. -That was the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. Why would they wanna do that? -You never heard about that? Here they are. -Gonna make salads tastes way better. -Miracle Berry fruit tablets. -Yeah. -Oh, theyre direct from the Orient too. See all that Asian writing on it? -Yeah. Why am I doing this? Why do I wanna do this at all like why-- -Just because its a crazy thing that you could like, I dont know, just like put a spoonful of salt in your mouth and itll probably taste delicious. -But thats not-- thats not cool. -Its the miracle of the science bro. -Are you with me Ariel? Seem sort of stupid. -I kinda wanna try. -Yeah, you can. Of course you wanna try it because-- -How long does it last? -I dont know. It doesnt say here. -Did I ever tell you about the weirdo eye drops I had, that one time? I never told you about this? -No. What is that? -Im going to jail. -So, there-- I was, when I used to tour like back in a day going towards the bands and stuff like that. There was a road manager, tour manager, this guy Ron. And he was like kind of older. Hes probably in his like late 40s and whatnot. And every time we went out like he was the guy who knew a guy in Cleveland and he knew a guy and like, you know, boys here. Were all over the country. We knew everyone there cause hed been doing this for so many years. So one day were in. I wanna say its like Ohio or something and he comes back on the Boston and he goes, hey, I got these crazy eye drops you gotta try now. And I was like, all right. What-- like am I gonna trip? Like whats the deal? Like I dont do drugs so dont make me do drugs right now. He said, no. Theyre not drugs. They just feel like they kinda sting a little bit but theyre really clear your eyes out a bunch. And he was just like throwing them in his eyes constantly. And there in this really-- can you look up like, theyre in a pyramid shape container, theyre like a like a pyramid and you twist off the top which is really pointy and you drop them in your eye and when you drop-- and so I took one, right? I put it on my eyes and Im freaking-- oh maybe these are them, maybe Sbarro, the FX Neo eye drops. So I put them in my eyes and Id never seen anything like this before. You put them in your eyes and they for like 12 seconds, stinging like you wouldnt believe. -Yeah, Ive had. Okay, yeah. -And then all of a sudden, its like you can see-- you believe that you see really clearly. -Yeah. -And I didnt believe it until I tried it and I was like, all right. Well, let me just, I mean, you know, hes like, dude promise, totally harmless. Im like, all right. I trust you weirdo tour manager guy, you know. And I did it and it was really weird. They stung for a really long time but then when the stop stinging, you feel like, it feels like Ive seen through walls and stuff. It was crazy. -Like you could see an HD physically, right? -I mean we see a lot better than a sting. -No, but like things-- have you seen there was like advertisements on TV? -The glasses? -Yeah, those like commercials were like-- -Like HD sunglasses. -See? Everything in HD like super clarity. -For sure. -So this is probably them. These are the FX Neo eye drops. -Yeah, sort of like that. -But Ive seen these like Asian-ish eye drops before. This supposed to clear your red eyes too at the same time? -It cleared a lot. -Yeah. -It changed my whole perspective on crap. -Yeah. -It did man, it was wacky. I dont know if I would do it again cause I was scared it like burn a layer off my retina. -Yeah. Well, lets get these. Lets get the Miracle Berry eye drops so we can do them on the air. -Lets just do as many weirdo drugs that arent illegal. -Illegal drugs. Yeah. -Lets try to-- -Yeah. -Nice. -Well get like synthetic weed, well get like-- -Sure. -Like a bunch of toads. -Sure. -What other like weird drugs that these kids doing these days? -I dont know. -Man, this is a naughty episode. -Yeah. -Like Im just-- -I was just thinking about her right now like this is naughty. I feel bad. -Yeah. -I feel bad foEp 1294 Where we give you the evil eyer the sponsors. -We havent suggested anyone do anything illegal. -Yeah. -You can buy something geek. -Yeah, I know. This is totally fun. All right, hurry lets get out here. -Yeah. Okay, lets move on to something a little bit more terrifying. Lets talk about ants. -Yes, this is great. -Yeah, lets talk about bugs in the summertime because everyone knows that bugs-- more bugs come out like crazy in the summertime especially New York, man. I dont know anybody-- and I took an information poll a few weeks ago because I started noticing a few water bugs in my apartment. -Right. -Water bugs being the nice name for cockroaches. -Really? -Yeah. -Those are like slang? -Basically. Theyre basically the same thing. -Right. -So I started noticing them for a while. I never had any in my apartment before. -Water bugs are the real big-- -Yeah. Like the really t ones. -They are the ones you can like hear coughing. -Yeah. -You know what I mean? Theyre like-- what was that in the middle of the night? You just hear like a really loud cough and the bugs out of my bed. -Yeah. Theyre sorry to wake you up. -Sorry brother. -Yeah. Like a couple of weeks ago, I was like lying in bed and I went over to reach for my power adapter for my laptop-- -No. -And I like rolled over my bed, I was kinda tired. I rolled over and I almost brushed its back like it had a back. Like it-- it like looked at me-- do you know how most insects when you like motion towards them-- -They scatter. -They scatter. This one just went-- this one was like-- -All right. Maybe were having a fight here. -And then it just like-- I like almost brushed its back and it went like-- -What is that? -And it was like running towards me. -Like a-- theyre aggressive man. -Yeah, like moved its wings and started running towards me. Those things are nasty. -Yeah. Theyre disgusting. -I mean, you know-- -But you know what? They came here first. -They were here first? -Yeah. Theyre stuck their flag on the ground, first. -Look, people ask, what do you hate most about the summer? Obviously number one, the oppressive heat in the sun. Number two, bugs. -Yeah, theres a lot like mosquitoes running around everywhere. -Freaking worst thing ever happened to me. Hate them. -Well, theres another bug thats gonna really, really upset

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