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How to correctly identify the location Fence Post

First, using a marker on the curbs done under column spacing horizontal line, and then use the measuring instrument according to the curbs, curbs sideline an overall smooth linear fitting paragraphs, and then give a lift cord and nails arranged in the direction of the local line,Temporary Fencing repeatedly adjust the linear aHow to correctly identify the location Fence Posts far as possible meet the overall line, the last in this line drawn perpendicular to the vertical and horizontal lines, forming crosshair position as the center of the pile, into the column at the time, in strict accordance with the crosshair into the distance column, in order to ensure column straight in the longitudinal direction of the basic degree.
In the pile pile hammer guide rod record the location of every subsequent hit a column, Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh when the pile hammer to drop a note to explain the position of the column height of the design requirements. Since a single construction curbs exist, ranging from the top surface elevation deviation, the individual deviation is large, so that the top surface of the column reflected linear irregularity,Expanded Metal the need for column height correction, which will spend the extra costs and time. Therefore, piling money deal column height of the top surface of pre-control, as follows: first measure curbs top elevation, using computer curve fitting on the measurement results, the reference sections of the overall pavement vertical curve, form an overall smooth curve, calculated road top Elevation of curbs top surface elevation adjustment value.