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Wire rope sling inspection

1, slings plug connector grommet ends, plug length of not less than 20 times the rope diameter and not less than 300mm, and should be met: (1) plug connection strength should be not less than the minimum breaking force of the rope 70% ; (2) plug should be taut strand, protruding parts should be smooth and should stay out of the plug end of the appropriate length (about 15mm), with metal Sizha prison; (3) plaiting length should meet the technical requirements (Annex table 8).
2, sling rope ends grommet clamp connection, assembled slings shall not be used and should be met: (1) rope clips should meet the technical requirements; (2) the pressure in the rope clamp to the side of the long head of the work accordance with the provisions tightening torque (1/4-1/3 diameter rope was crushed), and the connection strength shall be not less than 80% of the strength of wire rope itself; (3) the number of rope clip (less than 3), pitch (approximately 5-6 times the rope diameter) should meet the technical requirements (Schedule 4); ⑷ last a clip from the rope rope rope not less than 140mm.
3, the ends of the metal sleeve pressing sling attached grommet should be met: (1) to suppress the connection strength of not less than the minimum breaking force of the rope; (2) Ring slings must suppress two at each end of the metal sleeve and the inner space at least three times the length of the casing; (3) inside the metal sleeve ends slings minimum distance of not less than 10 times the rope diameter; (4) of lead alloy compression joints should meet GB6946 specified.
4, ring sling minimum perimeter plug connection shall not be less than the diameter of the wire rope sling 96 times; using plug grommet smooth inner circle hook pin diameter or maximum width of three times, and the inner plug connector grommet length should be at least 10 times the rope diameter accordingly. Pressed metal sleeve inside connecting grommet corresponding length should be at least 15 times the rope diameter.
5, sling ropes must be made ​​from whole, the middle may not have fittings