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Baoji board: Transaction prices generally

Baoji Baoji City in the 15th hearing panel prices rose 30 yuan / ton, the market turnover in general. As of press time, the local 14-25mm mainstream resources offer basic maintenance at 3750 yuan / ton. 14-25mm low alloy plate mainstream in 3920 yuan / ton.

Market conditions by billet prices continue to rise this week, the external market prices continue to rise in the plate this week, Baoji also appeared in the plate market 30 yuan / ton increase. Currently Jiuquan, temporary steel goods are not much, but more resources rests in the hands of a few large and small household resources already in the hands of few, contributed to this medium plate prices rose slightly. But given the current situation Baoji downstream demand has been no improvement in large shipments of 70-80 tons daily, 30-50 tons of small households, inventory has been no reduction, futures highs today, with steel resources the heavy volume, price increases duration should not be too long.

On the whole, expected shortly, Baoji City in plate prices will continue to rise slightly upward.