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2013 stainless steel industry to seek positive energy

In the domestic economic slowdown, weakening demand for stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel mesh exports more difficult, serious excess capacity of domestic steel, stainless steel mesh product oversupply in the short term is difficult to change in the environment, to solve the long-term extensive steel industry development accumulated many contradictions and problems, must go through a certain period of structural adjustment and gradual change. This year's policy makers have stressed the overcapacity has emphasized the structural problems in the economy, but concerned about the structural problems in the economy occupy a more important position, while for traders, in this round of economic and industry fluctuations in the "two wounded," they , there are many of them have Paolu. Some stayed, but more helpless, want to invest, I do not know where did you get the money. Challenges and opportunities always coexist, stainless steel mesh industry is facing problems, the question is not whether to develop, but how development. From the recent domestic market situation, the state gradually put in place various measures to steady growth, capital and infrastructure investments invested significantly faster, as the stainless steel mesh market has brought signs of improvement.

      "While next year stainless steel wire mesh industry also tough times ahead, but the overall situation should be better than this year." Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, the former chief analyst Xue peace, said after two years of "bitterness" of baptism, stainless steel mesh tablets ability to resist risks and profitability have improved, the current actual demand of stainless steel mesh has slightly increased. Xue peaceful expected 2013 domestic steel prices may show a "high in the middle, two low" trend, the top and bottom will be raised this year, compared with about 5%.

       Stainless steel mesh next year prices will rise, but taking into account the special government decision-making mechanism for domestic and stainless steel mesh own price operation rules, steel price trend apparent market until next year April.