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Pressure song screen is a good assistant production and life

Pressure song sieve tablets (hydro mesh) with clogging, high filtration precision, long life advantages. Sweeping structural design not only enhances the dewatering function, but you can flip the screen to extend the life of the user to save a lot of money. Filtration from 0.02mm to 1mm, material is 304,316 L or specify materials. Can be designed according to customer needs different curvature, porosity, filtration capacity, guaranteed to meet the requirements of users, processing principle and structure.
        Pressure is a curved screen was subjected to rely on pressure on the wet sieve screening of high-efficiency, which consists of the screen surface, sieve boxes, feeders and export components. Screen surface is a key component of the pressure curved sieve. It consists of stainless steel shaped sieve assembly formed, when operating in the 0.2-0.4Mpa wet material under pressure ejected from the nozzle orifice. Feeding the high ejection velocity generating tangential force. Wedge-shaped pieces to form a triangle mesh edge to scrape the material into a thin layer of plaster, so that the water and fine material uniformly dispersed, the so-called wiping scraping effect is material easy to grade. And the entire screen surface to be essential for self-cleaning. Oversize material from the slag discharge port, sieve material into a slurry mouth.
        Process conditions and the factors that affect screening effect operating pressure must be controlled at between 0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa high pressure, high screening efficiency, production capacity is also large, pressure is low then the screening efficiency is low, production capacity is also low, sieve timeshare feed dry matter content of about 17% fine slag out of the first sieve starch. 10-11BX, slurry SO2 content should be between 0.035-0.045%.
        Factors affecting the efficiency of screening: Feeding pressure Size: feed pressure should be 0.2-0.4 Mpa, the higher the pressure, the higher the screening efficiency, the lower the pressure, the lower screening efficiency. Should be tangent arc nozzle with a sieve, installation accuracy bad, will not produce segmentation effect, which would be impossible on the screen surface material produced sieving effect; or hindered the movement of materials to change the direction of motion, then the screen surface is also the role of screening material will lose. Ethmoidal process of grinding, not worn too thin, or finely ground slag particles will enter together with small particles of starch in starch, the starch milk containing slag increased.