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Tianjin board: Price high turnover rose slightly weak probe

Hearing today in Tianjin Tianjin market exploration plate prices rose slightly. As of press time, the days of steel new plant general board 16-20mm resources to offer 3560-3570 yuan / ton, the same specifications as the 3760-3770 low-alloy plate yuan / ton; dedicated general board 14-25mm medium plate mainstream price 3570-3580 yuan / ton, compared with last Friday rose 10 yuan / ton.

Steel, Tianjin Steel last week, a new line shutdowns, the old-line resume production, the board daily output dropped from 5,000 tons to 2,000 tons of steel can be sold very limited resources, small size, the amount is very small. Although the weekend Tianjin market performance a bit light in the plate, but in the support of low inventory, prices firm run individual businesses and even exploration to 3580 yuan price / ton. The market opened today, the market sentiment strong, in the first bid after a little large, most businesses began to have foreign quote, the current market price of the mainstream in 3570 yuan / ton, but shipping a bit weak. Raw material market, iron ore, steel billets and other prices after last week's rapid rise, fell slightly during the weekend, the production cost for the plate market price support efforts to weakening market sentiment also affected to some degree. However, the board of Tianjin market, as well as the supply pressure is not under the influence of policy in the steel mills, or short-term price correction operation. (Chinese steel stock to provide customers with the most effective resources for the promotion and advertising services! 400-705-9515.)