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Students how to start

[ Entrepreneurial orientation]
Young is the best of the capital. Students start with its inherent advantages of youth , they are a relatively active , passionate infinite groups. Only write entrepreneurial passion to compose beautiful melodies . The entrepreneurial choice of direction is undoubtedly a start. A good beginning is often crucial.
In the difficult employment of college graduates in the context of local governments have introduced policies to encourage entrepreneurship students and measures , however , look at the results students start now , we can find a little lost more .
Chengdu, a university graduate Department of Food Science 6 opened a fund-raising 200,000 yuan , " Liu Wei noodle ." First store has not yet opened, six shareholders have to look into the two years later, they prepare enthusiastically in Chengdu in two years to open 20 stores. However, due to mismanagement and poor business , just over four months later, the first store it listed for sale .
A college marketing major three students to see a health care Merchants ad that , as people 's health awareness , health care products market has great potential . If there are 100 million people to buy, earn 10 yuan each product , that is 10 million yuan of profits. So they quickly contacted Merchants who buy a 100 product "test the water ." But a month only sold more than 10 pieces . Through consultation , they will know a new health care products available require huge advertising fees. Final business plan aborted.
From the above cases, we find that the students filled with entrepreneurial passion , but because of the lack of awareness of their own strength and knowledge of the market , can easily lead to business failure . Meanwhile, the reporter found that college students successful entrepreneurs in the choice of projects is very much rational, Changchun University of Technology a female graduate students founded the " butterflies and hi shop" to wedding on the unique packaging for the object, costs less creative new , just one year he earned entrepreneurial pot of gold, Changchun City, students start to become a model of success .
Therefore, students start to find access points are the key to success . To strive to cultivate a keen market insight , from the development of the resources available to start around entrepreneurship ; planned to choose and promising entrepreneurial projects , the formation of ideological character, ability and quality of complementary business team ; to design inspiring and guiding the behavior of enterprises culture , according to its own characteristics , identify the entry point, in order to break a truly suited to their new world.
1 high-tech sector
Interested in this field of entrepreneurship students can actively participate in various entrepreneurship competition , get the chance to stand out and attract venture capital. Recommended Opportunity: software development, web design, web services , mobile development.
2 intelligence service areas
Intelligence is college students venture capital and entrepreneurship in the field of intellectual services and easier to make "pot of gold ." Such intelligence services venture low cost, a desk , a phone can be opened. Recommended Opportunity: tutor, tutor agency , design studio , translation firms, etc. .
3 chain plus field
Choose small start-up funding , staffing projects with less demanding chain , from small start of the operation is appropriate ; addition, the best choice for hours of operation for over 5 years , with more than 10 stores a mature brand. Recommended Business : Fast food industry , domestic service , campus small supermarket , speed digital printing station.
4 shop
Students shop, while college students can take advantage of customer resources ; the other hand, are familiar with the spending habits of their peers , so the entry easier . Promotion work is very important and should be frequently on campus and community posting ads or joint activities , in order to widely known. Recommended Opportunity: Higher internal or surrounding areas of restaurants, cafes , hair salon , stationery and bookstores .
In summary, the students start to try to minimize the amount of venture capital . Select those only need a little cash , and can fully realize the cause of individual talent and expertise to start , give yourself an experience and capital accumulation process. Also , now , the state introduced a lot of college students venture preferential policies and measures covering finance , opening , taxation, entrepreneurship training , business guidance and other aspects of the college students who intend to start to understand these policies in order to take a good start in the first step.
[ Difficulty ] Venture
Have a vision worthy of the entrepreneurial orientation , and write a complete business plan , students start on the road will be a lot smoother . But it is definitely not the way flat, there will still be some problems associated with them. Next, we briefly discuss some of the issues .
Issue a  policies are not consistent with the business ?
Guangdong University of Finance Department of Finance 2005 boys small Xie always wanted after graduation founded an Internet company to build a cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges for the provision of information and platform sites , for which he dedicated to the portal Netease and other large long-term internships . But now approaching graduation is very small thank distressed , he told reporters: " I very much would like to use some preferential policies to reduce start-up costs , but the school never promote these policies , even if I know do not know how to handle ." Small thank frustration that many favorable policies to support entrepreneurship and those interested in entrepreneurial college students did not complete " integration ."
December 2008 , the League Committee for the province to 39 of 3,900 college students in a large three four sample survey of entrepreneurship : 67.62% of the students who have entrepreneurial intention. However, with increasingly strong entrepreneurial desire college , compared due to lack of venture capital , entrepreneurial venues , support policies and entrepreneurial experience and other reasons , college students entrepreneurial rate is still very low, venture successful achievements in industry ratio is very low.
It specializes in higher education and human resources research firm --- MyCOS human resources information management consulting firm survey , Guangdong 2007 session of only 564 college graduates start their own businesses , have only 0.25% of the total number of unemployed graduates . In fact, in order to support business students , government departments also continue to support policies . But these favorable policies , to most of the students mentioned it, they all said , " Meng Cha ."
Second problem is not easy to microcredit loans 
Running more than two months , waiting for more than six months , 2,006 graduates Limin Gang through the streets where he applied for microfinance is still not accepted.
He graduated from Guangdong University of professionally designed Limin Gang , was opened a jewelry store , looking for friends and relatives to join in the East moved west , has invested 50,000 yuan in advance , you can shop the funding gap is still great . Last year early in July , Mike see in the media about students start their own businesses small loans reported. He query relevant information online , looking for relevant departments to do an unemployment card , and then find where his Labor Bureau Haizhu district offices to apply , hoping to apply for small loans unemployed persons name is not approved . Although approved by the labor department , but for small loans to a bank , six months later, still without any audio.
Recently, the reporter learned in Guangzhou Municipal Labor Bureau Microfinance students since the implementation of preferential policies since 2005 , has rarely lent .
In the employment pressure gradually tightening the general trend , while the students who start their own businesses increasingly seek " money" if he is thirsty ; side is a special government loans Shaorenwenjin , idle resources . Crux of what ? Why the Government to provide small loans for college students preferential but not bring real good ?
Guangzhou Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau Director of Training and Employment Horses effective that students start lending small loans difficult bottlenecks and also because the loan did not break . For example , micro-credit , a loan is mainly founded self project or partnership projects .
But if college students founded the technology company can not apply for small loans up . There microfinance regulations , first run enterprises can apply for loans, but come to do business license to do rent space , two months rent deposit by January provisions do well cost tens of thousands of licenses , which a few million start-up capital stumped a lot of entrepreneurial university students.
Guangzhou Municipal Labor Bureau Jobcentre Liu Fangzhu Ren said that Guangzhou entrepreneurial university graduates 1% less than the total number of graduates . Lack of funds is a major bottleneck restricting business students . Survey showed that 73.47% of the students start their own businesses can afford insufficient funds 100,000 yuan ; 61.63% of the students that "lack of start-up capital " is the biggest obstacle to entrepreneurship .
Zhongshan University Career Center Director Wang Er New For instance, the government has not set up a special financial funds to small businesses and provide interest-free loans for college students , it did not attract the majority of the social capital to participate in this cause , "At present, only a small amount of conscious enterprise Students set up a venture capital fund projects sporadic , but business groups relative to the funds needed , is simply ' drop in the ocean ' . "
Question three  entrepreneurship and awareness needs to be strengthened
In fact, the students also have a very successful venture , and these tend to be the leader in college when there is good sense to develop their own entrepreneurial ability and awareness.
Luo Song Yuan is Southern Medical Clinical Medicine 2005 students in 2007 with a friend Chen Song , 12 people formed a "guest porridge seeking health" team involved Challenge Cup Entrepreneurship Competition , began his entrepreneurial path .
"We go through market survey found that many white-collar workers in a healthy condition , Guangzhou people have traditional Chinese diet , TCM concept of a strong our team mostly learn traditional Chinese medicine , Chinese medicine Medicinal and Edible , can drink porridge in our daily add some herbs, enhanced porridge health effects ? " team member Chen Song this idea was accepted immediately , so we begin preparations for the " Challenge Cup " project.
"To be honest , we rode all the way to the end of this project is to train the finalists , do not want to actually took the gold medal in 2008 Challenge Cup ." Lo STRONIC talk "off porridge seeking health " is glad endless. Good news after another, Kin Wo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou on the " off porridge seeking health" team , hoping to work with them to develop this product. 12 members are very pleased with the cooperation of Southern Medical University reported , the tripartite agreement therefore , Guangzhou Kin Wo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. invested venture capital investments , the team of " patent" shares, schools provide technical guidance. According to reports, the current " off porridge seeking health" is the main direction for further expansion of product marketing , market development, and has been successfully selling into many restaurants near the school .
Luo Song Yuan told reporters that in college he paid great attention to newspapers and magazines, entrepreneurship and market analysis reports , and in the holiday social surveys accumulate experience, so have success today.
The survey found that college graduates lack of awareness of their entrepreneurial abilities and business students is currently an important reason for the low rate . Zheng Chaoyang , deputy director of the provincial labor department that grew up in China is to teach children how to do title , endorsements , making the most of the graduates in the lack of entrepreneurial ability, but also the lack of awareness of entrepreneurship . Guangdong Provincial Communist Youth League in late 2008 for the 39 colleges and universities in Guangdong 2009 session of 3900 , 2010 graduates sample survey shows that although many people who want to start , but only 15.09% of the graduates will actively choose their own businesses, and have a realistic plan , some experts think that this explanation graduate entrepreneurship, only " have ideas no way ."
[ Business plan ]
With a clear business direction , followed by the development of a comprehensive business plan book. Good ideas must be implemented, and the implementation plan is needed . So how do you determine if your business plan is feasible?
1 , you can use language to clearly describe your business idea ? You should be able to very little text will describe your idea . According to the experience of success , not able to bring ideas into their own language but also a warning about the reasons - you have not carefully thinking about it !
2, you really know you are engaged in the industry do ? Many industries are required to choose a person engaged in this industry , and its understanding all aspects of the industry . Otherwise , you have to spend a lot of time and effort to investigate such as price , sales, administrative expenses , industry standards , competitive advantage and so on.
3 , you see someone else used this way? In general, some of the company operating the way business is booming special thoughts than those who are more realistic. Experienced entrepreneurs such a popular saying: " has not been implemented may be implemented is often not a good idea ."
4 , you get the idea you can stand the test of time ? When a plan future entrepreneurs really be implemented, he will feel sincerely excited. But after a week , a month or even six months later, what will be the situation ? It is also so exciting you ? Or have a completely different idea of ​​another one to replace it .
5 , your vision is for yourself or for someone else ? Are you going in the next five years or longer , threw himself into the implementation of the plan to go ?
6 , do you have a good network ? Began to do business in the process , in fact, an organization such as suppliers, contractors , consultants and employees of the process. In order to find the right person , you should have a service to your personal relationships. Otherwise, you may fall into unreliable or cheating of men.
7 , to understand what is the potential rewards ? Everyone venture , its main purpose is to earn the most money . However, in the idea of ​​getting rich quickly implied decision is not just money . You should also consider a sense of accomplishment , love, esteem and other potential returns . If you do not realize it, it must reconsider your plans.
After self- analysis to prove that you suitable for business , and you can correctly answer the above questions , then your odds of success will be very high , you can decide to proceed to start a business . But it is not your entrepreneurial impulse of the decision, if the business before you indecisive, better choose to work this way. Because, even though you now have the opportunity entrepreneurship, your motivation is good, the idea is great , but based on the city to try economic capacity, or family considerations, now might not be your good business opportunity.
In short, your business must have a considerable competitive edge , and only you can decide how to make the most appropriate. Not easy to succeed , entrepreneurship harder . Select start this way, naturally you will look forward to the success of the scene, but do not think the problems in case of failure - failure as a start to think a bit too negative and too unlucky . However, despite the intention to harm unpleasant , but it is beginning a business should consider very carefully .
【 Conclusion 】
Passion generation, flying Xinsheng force. Because young, they dare to venture ,