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Steel mesh netting machines brief description of the

Steel mesh netting machines , also known as steel mesh machine , expanded metal mesh punching machine, punching machine, expanded mesh machine , expanded metal mesh netting stretched mesh and punching machine is divided into two types of networks . Metal Machine Wire Mesh Machinery Factory is relying on the rapid development of the screen and the actual market demand, and developed a high efficiency can be achieved in the production of wire mesh machinery. New Metal Machine To meet the needs of the actual production of steel mesh , independent design process of the digital FM infinitely variable speed motor control and mesh in order to achieve a more smooth , beautiful, small rib marks and high added value . Hengfeng Wire Mesh Machinery Factory has developed several new metal mesh punching machine : CJ-6.3 -type ( 0.5 m , 0.65 m ), CJ-10 type ( 0.75 m ), CJ-16 type ( 1 m ) , CJ-25 type ( 1.25 m ), CJ-40 type ( 1.5 m ), CJ-63 type ( 2.0 m ), CJ-100 type ( 2.0 m , CJ-125 type ( 2.0 m ), CJ-160 (2.0 m ) type , these types of models can punch 0.1mm-8mm thick , 100mm-2000mm wide variety of materials of metal plates, mesh size mold can be replaced . Expanded Metal Machine of various materials for steel or iron punching, then stretched into a diamond mesh expanded metal mesh , expanded metal mesh which is known as diamond another is its impact on steel plate by punching or forming various shaped hole mesh . Metal Machine operation type can be divided into for the electronic control , NC . punching Machine is the pressure punch Series Metal Machine , transformation can be achieved after punching mold various steel mesh network, including various sizes of round and shaped mesh mesh usually the following steps to complete the production of steel mesh : test preparation, adjust the machine , producing steel mesh .