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Mine the practical application of chain link fence

Chain Link Fence mine practical application : right stick mine safety production , to prevent mine accidents, participation in mine rescue work at the mine safety production play a very good protective effect. Graticule with the mine belonging to the same class of security products . The materials are: high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, plastic coated wire. Can be divided into diamond mining support mesh, galvanized diamond mesh , mine stent mesh, galvanized chain link fence .
Divided by popular name : chain link fence , diamond mesh , rhombic mesh, ring networking , chain mesh, chain link mesh, anchored nets, protective nets , farming fence net, active network . Press Surface treatment : Galvanized - chain link fence , hot dip galvanized - chain link fence , PVC coated chain link fence (pvc, pe plastic bag ) , Dip chain link fence, chain link fence spray . By purpose : Decorative chain link fence, chain link fence SEA Games ( simple fence ) , protective chain link fence . Another classification : Stainless steel chain link fence ( Material 201,302,304,304 L, 316 and so on without surface treatment ) .
Weaving and characteristics : crochet together , mesh uniform, smooth surface, beautiful, web width, wire diameter and difficult to corrosion, long life , weaving simple , beautiful and practical , high tensile strength , toughness characteristics. Especially coated wire graticule , anti -static characteristics. Solve hand-woven mesh or woven mesh on the roof , coal to help support it often easy to loose , easy vertical network problems . And the side-netting with the overall advantages of high strength , not easy to be torn when networking , convenient construction and low cost.
Earthly care primarily for coal mine safety , care to help the coal mine Christopher , retaining the top , false roof, antiseptic , anti- stone ideal material. Electro-galvanized corrosion is the main form . Install splicing flexible, easy construction, smooth surface, wire diameter , high tensile strength , no loose tension and difficult to corrosion , long life, weaving simple, beautiful and practical features . Especially galvanized diamond weave mesh nets connected with diamond Crochet , even if a wire breaks , it will not affect other parts of the roof completely solved on coal to help support the easy loose , Yiyi vertical network problems , is coal -based care to help channel , retaining top roadway ideal material .
It can also be used for road , railway, highway fence facilities. Also used for interior decoration, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence . Machinery and equipment protection network , machinery and equipment of the transmission grid . Sports venues fence , the road green belt protection. The screen in the production of a box -shaped containers , cages filled with rocks , etc. , become gabion . Also used to protect and support the seawall , hillsides, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering works. Flood control and flood of good material .
Fence advantages securely connected , the same type , protective and strong, easy construction, high-performance security is our security sector as coal mine roadway protective Private Network . Chain link fence is mainly used for coal Artificial Roof , can reduce the cost of coal Tuen , save galvanized wire , to solve the hand-woven mesh or woven mesh on the roof , coal to help support it often easy to loose , easy vertical network problems .