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Conveyor belt classification and Troubleshooting

Mesh belt conveyor belt is a process in operation through the chain, chain plates, horseshoe chain , or running gear and other auxiliary equipment operation , to ensure transportation process . Wire braid transport category 1 , ( name, code description ), B conveyor belt Code Name (prefix) of belt. 2.8/2.5 in 2.8 helical coiled wire diameter. 2.8/2.5 2.5 strings of wire in diameter. In the direction of belt mad spiral rod number per meter , not in the direction of belt length per meter spiral rod number.

2 , ordinary type (C), Features : This network with a simple structure, consists of a helical direction woven , for use in the general automatic line . Applications: food industry, drying, washing , and mechanical parts cleaning , drying, cooling , conveying the object light load . 3 , reinforced (R), Features : This large mesh belt , weaving strong , can withstand a certain load , spiral rod and string of usually the same gauge metal wire. Application: heat treatment, annealing machine parts , food drying , leather, processing of asbestos products . 4 , balanced (B), Features: Balanced conveyor belt concentrated wire braid with all the advantages , because of its string of bending deeper amended so that the location of each screw rod has been properly positioned , so minimizing belt distortion and extension. Applications: It has been widely used in the electronics industry ( CRT automatic assembly line ) , glassware annealing furnace , high temperature equipment , heat treatment , washing, transport and food industries. 5 , the combination of balanced < herringbone > (CB (s)), Features : Balanced portfolio has a relatively fine mesh belt mesh , small objects can block the leakage , network with strong , high tensile strength . Applications: Has been widely used in the chemical industry, machine {YL543YL541} hydroformylation washing machine YL112, scouring machine Q392, food industry biscuit automatic line . 6, the double-stranded balanced type (DB (s)), Features : This belt to weave around the helical symmetry , institutions on the use of double-stranded helical rod and a straight string of concatenated . So belt running smoothly, go the wrong phenomenon smaller , maintenance stitching is also more convenient. Application: It can widely used in metallurgy, mechanical industry, automatic heat treatment line and the large load conveyor automatic line , and in the glass furnace, electronic industry, food industry can be reasonably used. 7 , sub- ordinary type , features : This braided belt left by a right hand helix turn helix and a woven , usually connected by a string of straight or curved string amended. Applications: food industry, drying, washing , and mechanical parts cleaning , drying, cooling , conveying the object light load , do the basic chain drive . 8, the star spiral combination network features : the four helical rod composed of ball screw combination nets, solid structure, effective filter area . Application: mainly used in the chemical industry in the filter , has been widely used in the viscose fiber dialysis machine . The use of conveyor installation troubleshooting method 1: If belt appears Paopian partial phenomenon , then adjust the tension of the driven shaft end of the shaft , should be gradually adjusted , remember to adjust quickly , resulting in network with edges scratched . 2: If the belt appears jitter , check inside the tunnel conveyor rack and conveyor idlers Have resist corrosion phenomena turn , individually adjusted. Fence