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About Fence Some explanations product selection

For Fence product selection, we need to mesh material, because the material will have a direct impact on product quality and useful life, it relates to whether you can achieve useful life of 10-15 years.
A view of the whole mesh spray of the production process, requiring a mesh fence should pay attention to the overall uniformity of spray, there is the quality of the paint.
2, requiring rugged mesh, due welded wire, and the wire diameter and strength directly affects the quality of mesh, wire aspect should be chosen in the election must be made ​​of high quality wire rod is pulled out of the finished wire welding or preparation born require workers skilled use of technical and operational capacity, usually good mesh welding or preparation of every point can be a good connection. Automatic welding machines are used to produce, so the quality can Yasumasa.
3, the framework for the selection fence to see whether it is all angle steel and round steel.