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Buy stainless steel mesh small coup

Mainly from the purchase of stainless steel mesh mesh , material , type, width, thickness and other aspects of stainless steel mesh .

    First, the stainless steel mesh mainly refers to the stainless steel mesh , stainless steel wire mesh , stainless steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel mesh screens these types , I discovered that in fact a lot of people do not understand the type of stainless steel mesh , crimped wire mesh called hit buy sell stainless steel mesh sieve to place , so a waste of your time , you need to make it clear that you are in the end what kind of stuff you want .
       Secondly, there are a lot of stainless steel mesh material on the market the most common is 201 , also known as non-magnetic nickel , in fact, due to the production process of magnetic reasons , the net will be much child with a little magnetic, which is the most common and most sales material, which is characterized by water pH on the case will rust. Again contains four nickel nets , such nets used in Foshan, Guangdong, there are more , mainly ceramics factory used to use, can point solution on it. No matter how little of the material it is, we all know the 304 , this material is widely used , in theory, this material does not rust nets is water , the case of weak acid weak base does not rust, but encountered strong acid and alkali to die, but now buy stainless steel mesh and no one guarantees only that can reach 304 standard , 8 nickel, 18 network, no more than one carbon . The best material is operated 316,316 L, can be used in food processing , like people say 500 mesh stainless steel screen , the material must be 316L to weave , if someone says that you can find 304 , that is a lie , and do collector when you can use the 500 mesh stainless steel mesh