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Stainless steel Future?

Stainless steel Future: dust production is often in dusty venues, often with a lot of air dust, they continue to fall on equipment surfaces. They can be removed with water or alkaline solution. However, the adhesion of dirt requires high pressure water or steam to clean up. Iron floating iron or embedded on any surface, free iron will rust and make stainless steel corrosion. Therefore, must be removed. IRES can generally be removed together with the dust. Some very strong adhesive force, must deal with the embedded iron. In addition to dust, the surface of the iron from many sources, including the use of ordinary carbon steel wire brush to clean up and used previously in carbon steel, low alloy steel or cast iron has been used on sand, glass beads or other abrasive blasting process, or in the vicinity of stainless steel parts and equipment for the previously mentioned non-stainless steel products for grinding. Hanging over the next material or process if we do not take protective measures stainless steel, wire rope, slings and iron work surface is easy to embed or stain surfaces.