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Stainless steel product shape is like?

Stainless steel is all standard metal manufacturing shapes and sizes, and there are many special shapes. The most commonly used products are made ​​with a sheet and strip, and also produce special products with a plate, for example, producing hot-rolled structural steel and extruded structural shapes. But also round, oval, square, rectangular and hexagonal welded or seamless steel tubes and other forms of products, including profiles, rods, wire and castings. Ten, surface condition, as discussed later, in order to meet aesthetic requirements architects have developed a variety of commercial surface processing. For example, the surface can be highly reflective or matte; may be smooth, polished or embossed; can be colored, the color, plating or etching a pattern on the surface of stainless steel, but also for drawing, etc., in order to meet the designer on the appearance of the various requirements. Surface state is easy to maintain. Only occasional flushing can remove dust. As good corrosion resistance, can be easily remove surface contamination or other similar graffiti surface contamination.