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Fence Industry Common Name Comments - Airport Fence

Airport Fence, by definition commonly used in airports, there are called "Y-type safety net", which the column for the Y-shaped, top-mounted hot-dip galvanized razor wire, higher security level, because of its strong defense, secure, easy to climb , there are common in prisons, embassies, military places.
Specifications: Forming Dimensions Height 2.8m (above ground) Width 3m (column) 5cmX10cm 5cmX20cm mesh wire diameter 5mm (high strength low carbon steel wire) column using 60X60 rectangular galvanized steel, thickness 2.0mm, top hot dip galvanized razor net, diameter 50cm, 60cm.
Airport Fence surface treatment can be divided into: galvanized, hot dip galvanized, electrostatic spraying, the overall dip.
Airport Fence with beautiful, practical, easy to transport and easy to install, and can be installed according to the terrain, and the column connection with the undulating ground can be adjusted up or down. At the airport fence installation four lateral bending stiffener, not much increase in the overall cost of the same time, the strength and beauty of network increased significantly, by the customer likes.