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Main performance and features mesh

Mesh Main performance and features:
A good chemical stability. Alkali, acid, water, erosion-resistant cement, and other chemical corrosion resistance; and strong bonding resin, soluble in styrene.
2 High strength, high modulus, light weight.
3 good dimensional stability, stiffness, smooth, easy to shrinkage, excellent orientation.
4 impact resistance is better. (Due to mesh, high strength, good toughness)
5 mildew, pest control.
       The main purpose is widely used in:
A wall material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panels, EPS external wall insulation board, gypsum board and so on.
2 reinforced cement products (such as Roman, flue, etc.) Molding Co., Ltd. Danyang Bosch.
Three granite, mosaic dedicated mesh, marble mesh backing.
4 waterproof membrane fabric, asphalt roofing.
5-reinforced plastic, rubber skeleton materials.
6 fire board.
7 wheel fabric.
8 highway pavement geogrid.
9 building caulking tape and so on.