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Netherlands mesh production base in Hebei breeding net Fence

uaculture Network pheasant breeding isolation barrier fence Fence plastic mesh production base in Hebei breeding Bo Yang fence

Bo Yang , Hebei Dutch production of plastic mesh fence overall grasp of technology , in general, the overall product to be coated should be noted that the degree of uniformity , there is the paint quality is also crucial. Dutch network , wave mesh, PVC coated Dutch nets, dip Netherlands mesh, PVC coated mesh Netherlands , Netherlands mesh fence , wave fence, wavy fence, dovetail columns, column Netherlands

We have to look coated Dutch network ring network is how often a roll of the net is composed of different specifications of welded wire , wire diameter and PVC coating quality directly affects the quality of the use of nets . Aspects of the election should be selected by the silk regular manufacturers of high quality wire rod pulled out of the finished wire ; followed nets welding or preparation of process , this is mainly to see technical staff and a good production machinery operation between skilled and ability is usually good nets or compiled each weld point can be a good connection. Second : It should be noted that the choice of the Dutch network accessories , Netherlands columns, snap pliers, steel buckle , packaging films are supporting . Everything