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Municipal fence and other fence What is the difference

I believe we often see in the middle of the road municipal fence, we may view for municipal fence is used to cut off the vehicle, or for protection. In fact, I've seen these municipal fence, also have similar ideas, it is because we do not understand it. In fact, these are municipal fence, it will be building in the middle of the road, rather than Nanjing fence is usually installed on both sides of the road. That being the case, then it and the roadside fence What is the difference?

Municipal Fence is installed in the middle of the road, presumably this regard we will be able to understand its fundamental role, to cut off. But in front of the partition is not the case here, we do not know we mentioned it to cut off the vehicle, but to prevent pedestrians and vehicles across the road, so you can get more people to comply with traffic rules, in order to protect everyone's personal safety. So in addition, it has nothing else distinguishes Fence functions? Observant people can find that municipal fence and conventional fence usually differ in color, most in white. Because it is installed in the middle of the road, on the aesthetic has affected the entire road, so they need to do more suitable for white main color. Therefore, municipal fence beautiful and practical features as well. Now municipal Fence in our country is the most application isolation barrier, because it made ​​a contribution to the municipal building, and the environment is also a great relationship, so called municipal fence. Now it is also used for residential, parks, hotels, restaurants and other places. I believe that with social progress, this fence will become increasingly better, for the entire environmental and safety aspects contribute more.