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Farming in what guardrail fence highest price

With the improvement of people's living conditions, more and more people know the benefits of close to nature, a lot of people go to the countryside to rent a piece of land, surrounded by farming fence to keep some of the animals that use what style of Nanjing Fence more play a protective and beautiful that strong role. So what kind of farming fence fence with the highest price? Fence Factory law and provide a solution to help you help your reference:
Bilateral Wire Fence: The main use of the security fence relatively strong bull style, so as not to undermine the impact of animal fence.
Fence piece: H1800 * L3000mm; mesh: 80 * 160mm; wire by: 3.5-5.0mm; column: 48 * 1.5mm tube

Bilateral wire fence surface treatment dip galvanized and can choose one, the top covered with a rain cap. Depending on the environment and installation methods, the choice of embedded 30cm, plus base and other means. All screws are automatic anti-theft screws.