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How to choose a different rabbit hutch

Warren 's friends will certainly be in the process of Tatuyangzhi understand rabbit cage , rabbit cage can also directly affect the later development of the rabbit , due to a technical economic level , ecological environment, traditions and customs , the purpose and scale of rabbit , rabbit breeds different , you can choose different types of rabbit hutch .

Many types of rabbit hutch , in accordance with the production of materials can be divided into metal rabbit cage, rabbit cage precast concrete , brick ( stone ) puzzle rabbit cage, wooden rabbit hutch rabbit cage and bamboo , etc. ; fixed in accordance with rabbit cage can be divided into fixed style rabbit cage, mobile rabbit cage, hanging rabbit cages and rabbit cages assembled fixed ; rabbit cage placed on the environment can be divided into indoor rabbit cages , outdoor rabbit cages . The following primary rabbit cage according to the first volume number of layers and levels to be divided between the rabbit hutch .

1 , single rabbit hutch

Rabbit cage in a unified horizontal arrangement . This rabbit cage rearing density, low utilization of the premises . But light through good ventilation , easy to control , environmental health is good. Suitable for breeding females . Rabbit developed countries and regions ( such as the U.S. ) to use more single hanging rabbits rabbit hutch .

2 , double rabbit hutch

Rabbit cage using a fixed bracket assembly up and down two horizontal arrangement . Representing an increase of single rabbit cage stocking density , governance convenient.

3 , multi-layer rabbit cage
By the assembly of three or more layers arranged in the cage . Rearing density, high utilization of the premises , unit construction rabbit expense required school premises but excessive layers , the uppermost and lowermost layer of the environmental premise ( such as temperature, light ) vary greatly , manipulating adverse stools, light through bad ventilation , indoor plumbing is difficult to maintain . Generally should not exceed three .

4 , overlapping rabbit hutch

Upper and lower cage body completely overlap , layer set order of manure plates , usually 2-3 layers . Tushe utilization is high, rearing density per unit area . But not too much overlapping layers to 2-3 layers appropriate. Chenet of light through poor ventilation , rabbit cage , lower temperatures and uneven illumination .

5, all paths which style rabbit hutch

In the rabbit cage assembly arrangement, the upper and lower body completely staggered cage , faeces fall directly under the cage manure trench, no order of manure boards. Higher stocking density , ventilation light is good, to facilitate observation . Because the interlayer completely staggered longitudinal separation between layers big disadvantage would govern the upper cage . Meanwhile, the Conservancy is also more difficult problem. Therefore , the whole creative writing style rabbit hutch most affordable two-story arrangement and mechanization manipulation.

6 , semi- creative writing style rabbit hutch

Upper and lower sectors overlap between rabbit cage , overlapping order of dung board office is located . Because shortened longitudinal interlayer spacing rabbit cage , so easy to observe and control the upper cage . Than the whole creative writing style rabbit cage rearing density, high utilization Tushe . It is between the whole creative writing style and overlapping rabbit cage in the middle of a form , either by hand manipulation, but also suitable for mechanized treatment. Therefore , in our country there are some practical value .