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How to ensure Gabion mattress caisson flexible and permeable

1: gabion mattress operation, first is woven with wire gabion mattress . You can also add plating and coating PVC (polyvinyl chloride ), PVC gabion mattress is also used as protective revetment and toe .

2: Stone box ( box-shaped stone cage ) . Gabion rock fill is in place to make the wire or wire -mesh polymer production thereof. Woven wire cage is made of wire mesh or welded structures . Both structures can be plated , woven wire box can be coated with another PVC. Gabion mesh woven welded gabion flexible than larger subsidence and thus adapt the performance of the different loads , although stone materials to be filled to ensure that the stones carefully fill in very dense , but sometimes considered a rigid stone box relatively easy to fill , for non-standard shapes, such as the corner , or you can generate large subsidence place, when woven wire or polymer lattice structure deformation, without loss of strength , preferring to use such structures .

3: gabion internal filler , with the weathering of hard rock as a filler , it is in stone boxes or gabion mattress will not soon due to abrasion and crushing . With different types of stone gabion have different characteristics . Polygonal stone can be interlocked with each other very well , with its filled gabion deformation. Thus, a large retaining walls in shear , it is more effective than circular stone , the other side , it is advantageous to connect gabion . The general size of the filler is 1.5 times the mean mesh size . Single stone mesh size not less than the standard ( commonly used size woven gabion (60mmX80mm ~ 100mmX120mm), generally not more than 200mm size. Gabion to fill placed from inside the stone in appearance and it can sometimes be relaxation of the minimum stone size requirements .

4 : Internal filled . Mechanical filled faster and generally cheaper, but not as well controlled manually filled . For retaining modified , it should produce a better look and form a dense structure . For both methods , the packing must be completely filled gabion . Filler must be well filled to minimize the gap between a single block of stone good contact as much as possible to fill tight, stone cage to reduce the possibility of moving the stone . Packing size within the normal range , the polygonal and circular stones can be installed in close , the other can add some soil