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Fence --- to be a high-quality offer

Bo Yang Company specializes in producing wire mesh fence , frame fence, bilateral fence
Internet age, buyers often will a single inquiry to multiple suppliers , how to make our offer, the buyer received numerous newspaper intraday emerged as the first choice for buyers' attention .

There are five principles offer suggestions when you are able to offer fully reflected .

A. First time back - for high priority to be at the first time buyer , one step ahead, one-upmanship .

B. Reply to reflect professionalism - more and more buyers attention provider of professional degrees . Professionalism embodied in the international trade of both goods and you want your professional, permeates every response , and continue to remind the buyer , you are very professional supplier .

C. There will be complex , word and deed - the buyer must give answers to all questions , even if does not immediately answer , but also given time to respond . On the content of the reply , make sure you can reach , do not doubt our ability to buyers and credibility opportunities.

D. focus on communication skills - wording Commission Wanyou Li , a sound basis

E. buyers as much as possible to grasp the situation . Information exchange is two-way , when you provide information to the buyer, you can according to the actual situation in a timely manner to mention some open-ended questions to understand the buyers circumstances, such as your company What products and other major purchases ? your purchases a year about how much ?