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Main application and characteristics of diamond fence is int

Diamond fence, named for its mesh is the diamond. Diamond fence is a kind of flexible fence. Diamond netting features: mesh diamond, high flexible, high protection strength, easy to spread out. Used to any slope topography, setup procedures standardization and systemization. Use the long service life.
Diamond fence used in slope protection: diamond fence can bay slope further weathering denudation, no special requirements and characteristics of slope shape, does not damage and change slope landforms original shape and condition of vegetation growth, its open features to later or in the future have the conditions and requirements of artificial slope beautified retained when necessary conditions, green plants can grow up in the open space at home, soil fixation effect of plant roots and blends into slope protection system, and then raging slope damage and water and soil loss,, in turn, the landform and vegetation slope maintenance, complete the best slope protection and environment maintenance. In fact, the diamond fence is widely used in other category. As for protection in construction. Also widely used in coal mining, oil field mining.
River water scouring the river which is the most serious disaster damage, caused by flood is numerous, the life and property suffered many losses and a lot of water and soil loss. In the disposal of the problem, lozenge network layout (stone cage and pads) used to be one of the best solution, it can make by the river channel to receive permanent maintenance.
Way of construction, involves the slope and the stability of river channel. Thus choose diamond gauze pad laying layout, is one hundred years of many natural rivers reforming excavation and artificial way to choose the first method. It can be useful to the river or channel of permanent maintenance, he also controls the flow of water, avoid water loss function especially in environment and insist on the water quality maintenance, has good results.
The bank revetment built with stone cage and pads with rivers lozenge network and its slope protection model is successful, it give full play to the advantages of the lozenge network, reach other way cannot complete vision effect
1, flexible layout can be used to the change of the slope without being damaged, safe sex than rigid layout has very good security;
2, anti-scouring ability strong, can accept the largest flow rate can be up to 6 m/s;
3, lozenge network layout have water permeability, essentially on the natural effect of groundwater and filtering effect with strong comprehensiveness, the suspended substance in the water and mud to deposit on the fill in crevices, and is conducive to the growth of natural plant, recovering the original ecological environment.