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Larger nickel price impact of stainless steel products

In the first half of this year, the global economic recovery, the largest economy policy is to guide economic development, but generally ineffective. Case in our country, the economic slowdown is a foregone conclusion, rely on the government investment is unlikely to pull the economic demand, economic growth is expected to give priority to with steady cut in late. At the same time, Banks appear larger by the end of June "money shortage" phenomenon, and short term financing area may be difficult to see, this is a big bad for stainless steel market. Market analysts believe that from the current nickel prices weak pattern and the overall economic situation, at the bottom of the stainless steel price or have phased in July, after the probability of low volatility.
Concrete from the perspective of the prices of affecting large stainless steel product prices, now Aaron nickel market performance is still weak, volatility is not reduced, market fundamentals continue Yin fell, the supply and demand contradictions are still outstanding. In the first half of the nickel almost showed unilateral decline trend, and nickel prices dropped $3870 / ton, poor makes traders mentality. Nickel prices decline is stronger in the stainless steel market confidence, a price more cheap shipping. Moreover, the price of nickel, chromium iron, and scrap iron in July are expected to not optimistic, practical cost forecast to fall for stainless steel prices downward space. Seen from the above factors, the stainless steel prices didn't turn up.
The personage inside course of study says, the recent stainless steel market to present the following three characteristics, this three characteristics will lead to market weak turbulence in July.
Yin fell 400 series stainless steel prices led market. Aaron nickel under continuous exercise the stainless steel market fall expected increase, the domestic economic growth slowing demand has no apparent cause, steel production situation is difficult to form active. Influenced by these factors, in June, the stainless steel price down the continuation of the first two months of Yin, a drop of nearly 700 yuan/ton. In June, two mainstream series 430 varieties in wuxi and foshan still shows no sign of falling prices. Wuxi market, taigang 430 series products the second half of June, mainstream offer maintain weak pattern, is 9300 yuan/ton, but at the end of June, due to clear inventory and capital pressure, most of the specifications of the purchase price is in 9250 yuan/ton. Foshan market, the major steel mills 430 series cold rolled products have 100 yuan/ton ~ 200 yuan/ton, cold rolling mill of taiyuan iron and steel product prices remained at 9000 yuan/ton to 9200 yuan/ton, the range of the thickness of 1.5 mm above the spot fewer resources, market circulation speed slower. Nowadays, 400 series stainless steel market as a whole is still not out of Yin fell atmosphere, is expected in July, 400 series stainless steel prices will continue to lead the market Yin fell slightly.
The contradiction between supply and demand has yet to ease. Earlier this year, China's stainless steel output has been growing. The industry is expected, this growth trend will continue. In may, according to the relevant data from January, stainless steel crude steel production in China is about 7.705 million tons, up 18% from a year earlier. On the demand side, in July to August, domestic urbanization specific scheme will, at the same time deployment of the state council to speed up the turn shantytowns into new housing areas, such as policy may have issued, the stainless steel market demand, but the implementation of the policy is to be a process of stainless steel demand substantive improvement may have to wait until September to October and even longer.