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The thief climb pipe chamber gas company says it will instal

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Weifang diesel city lee's house was suddenly a thief patronage, thieves from their home into the kitchen, stole home 3000 yuan in cash and his wife bought a new cell phone, necklace, ring, totaling 10000 yuan. "That night, we are building and residential building near a total of three stolen, the thief is along the gas pipeline to climb in the home." On September 5, nursery four road 4 floor of Mr Li reflect this matter, hope that through their own encounter anti-theft awareness of, and hope relevant departments can take precautions in the gas pipeline.
Nursery upstairs to set up four road 4 gas pipeline
The scene
Building outside of pipe
On that day morning, the reporter comes to the weifang diesel city nursery four road no. 4 building, the building looks very old, set up some pipe outside the building, on the first floor window above and on the second floor window below the middle, from the east to xi 'an, as one of the seven or eight cm in diameter steel pipe. Cling to each unit of the wall body that between two Windows, from top to bottom, also have a such a steel tube.
"These steel pipes is to install gas co., LTD. Weifang port of China last year, these tubes have a horizontal, vertical, a thief is convenient, we has stolen many times here, thieves are along the gas pipeline climb into people's homes." Told reporters at the scene, an old man.
Four road no. 4 building at the nursery adjacent building, several residents reporter saw, the same is true of bringing on the erection of the steel tube of a root. "We have here a burglar, everyone said has something to do with the gas pipeline, it seems really should take precautions in these pipes." One resident, said he had other area to see the city, the residents upstairs also set up some of the gas pipeline, but those who tease lifting gas pipeline. He felt, to install lifting, the thief steals, want to climb the gas pipeline to residents is not so simple.
Worth ten thousand yuan property stolen overnight
Nursery four road 4 floor 2 unit lee said, their home was stolen, thieves should be along the gas pipeline to climb to the house. Lee said, the morning of September 3, he and his wife see, after waking up his trousers unexpectedly ran into the kitchen, he was aware of the home into the thief, hurriedly touched the pants pocket, the results of 1000 yuan in cash. Then he found that the kitchen window sill has a big footprint. And at this time, his wife also found that her on the computer on the desk phone, a gold ring, a gold necklace, and none of the 2000 dollars in cash inside the wallet is missing.
"His wife's cell phone just bought four days, spent 4000 multivariate money, the 2000 yuan in cash, we also mortgage money!" Mr Li said the overnight, their home 10000 multivariate money stolen, making them love dearly unceasingly.
More let Mr Li is angry, he found the house door was wide open. The thieves, he argues, must be along the gas pipeline to climb to the kitchen window, enter their house from the kitchen, after have stolen property, and opened the door of swaggering left. "The neighbor said to me, at 2 in the morning, he saw a man from inside the corridor downstairs, that person must be burglary thief in our house." Lee said, he learned that their upstairs that night two families was a burglar in the home, the other a residential building near the one stolen at home residents, overnight, they were here three households burglary.
"The window is open in the evening in our house, that provides a convenience to the thieves, but the building to install on the gas pipeline is also convenient for a thief." Mr Li said the gas pipeline of the problem he already aware of, but he always don't know where to find the solution.
Hong Kong China gas
Will arrange personnel to the scene to see as soon as possible
After the incident, Mr Lee called the police. He hopes his home encounter warns broad citizen, when you go to sleep at night, be sure to shut the doors and Windows, don't give thieves. At the same time, he also hope that relevant departments to attach importance to this matter and take necessary measures on gas pipeline as soon as possible.
Reporter gave it reflect gas co., LTD. Weifang port of China, staff told reporters that in order to the safety of the residents, they free for residential buildings in some communities for old gas pipeline reconstruction. In construction process, they're more attention to the problem of guard against theft, is generally close to the building set, thieves hands to hold gas pipe. For the matter, they will arrange personnel to the scene to see as soon as possible, and according to the actual situation, for the residents to install gas lifting upstairs.