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Stainless steel plate appear damage to repair

Our life will always be used to some stainless steel products, in the long-term use, there is always some damage, then what should you do?
Stainless steel plate in recent years developing very rapidly, but also in some daily homework to stainless steel plate some damage, so how do we deal with for these damage, first harms the stainless steel plate has the following several aspects:
First, there is dust, dust will continue to fall on the steel plate, at this time we can be clean water or alkaline solution.
Second, moreover is floating iron powder or embedded iron, iron will rust, and attached to the stainless steel plate of iron can be made of stainless steel plate is rusty, so the iron must dispose of them, we can use carbon steel wire brush can also use the carbon steel and so on for processing.
The third is the scratch, these scratches are generally produced in process of time left, some stubborn iron scratch need to use stainless steel plate special polishing machine to clean.
The fourth is the rusty spot, if see the stainless steel rust before processing, so that the surface of the stainless steel plate has been very serious pollution, should clean up in time, clean up after the testing whether water is clean.
Is the fifth spot, spot was caused when welding, generally because welders in argon arc welding of rough surface, or defective, made of stainless steel plate protective film damage, leaving corrosion hazard. Prone to weld spatter welding, this is likely to make some splash residues on stainless steel plate, so in after welding to the spray to clean up. Don't give stainless steel plate surface damage. Welding time there will be some weld defects, such as biting edge, not fusion and so on phenomenon, the defects also can cause some damage to the stainless steel plate, the solution to this problem or to welding, welding destroyed will either in place after grinding repair.
Sixth is the grease and oil, and stained with mixture, these things always attached on the surface of the stainless steel plate, become the source of the corrosion of the stainless steel plate. When cleaning using clean brushes and water washing, alkaline cleaner can also.