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Steel prices rallied hong kong-listed turnover shrinking

Due to fundamentals of supply and demand a fundamental improvement, the domestic spot any lifting of hong kong-listed, is doomed to be short, tentative, difficult to continue effectively.
Integrated according to the latest market report, the domestic spot steel prices recently rallied, but let a person feel "very reluctantly:" in the beginning, is driven by steel raw material prices, add rebar futures market, spot the merchants to pull up in the hong kong-listed will strengthen, spot steel prices generally rose. Hong kong-listed currently in consumption in the off-season, however, the downstream demand no change, domestic crude steel production in the recovery, steel prices rose after the market trading volume shrunk, immediately to the second half of the week in the latest week, the price of some steel products has a small cut.
According to the analysis, in the plate market, prices are generally from fall to rise, medium thickness plate tons price weekly gains at around 0.15%. People reflected in the market, the current biggest problem is that the end demand did not see improvement, the merchant's attitude is also very inconsistent, some continue to increase price, some are slightly lowered prices. Terminal is purchased, and the intermediate links dealers, a significant number of still think choose watching more insurance, market clinch a deal would tend to be bland. According to the mechanism of monitoring, beijing-tianjin-hebei region medium plate production weeks from existing increase, capacity utilization is rising. Hot rolled plate volume market price also rose, but the price is high, shipment immediately, not strong enough, "the basis of" market problems appear again.
The hong kong-listed field in the building, the price also is concussion uplink. Recently, steel billet, steel materials such as iron ore prices have rebounded, the construction steel prices boost more directly. But confidence in the market is very difficult to maintain, easy to shake, clinch a deal also fell. The merchant thinks, at present has entered the high temperature and rainy season, the outdoor site construction will be affected, construction steel demand is difficult to appear clearly peatlands, estimation is mostly about the weak fluctuation in the short term.
Agencies analysts believe that the current manufacturing pressure exceeded expectations, the demand for steel will inevitably be affected. Remove the macroscopic surface pressure, cisa estimates China in late June crude steel output of 2.1563 million tons, ten-day rose 0.1%, this has increased the market worries about late hong kong-listed supply pressure. As long as macro and hong kong-listed fundamentals had no obvious improvement, steel prices to maintain tight trading range "is."