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Plate prices industry consensus is more concern

Since baosteel cut sheet in July after ex-factory price, the market of late plate prices consistent more concern, in June, including fixed investment, import and export, etc, a series of weaker economic data, also let the steel market to add a layer of fog. However, recently published in the field of shipbuilding industry and automobile walk good data, let plank market temporary comfort, but this kind of good data on the occasion of arrival of the off-season can also insist how long, is a headache problem.
Baosteel cut sheet in July producer prices last week, suppresses the plank price upswing, coupled with the wet weather, the market volume was light, and the influence of the holidays, weekends, until the weekend, the domestic steel prices are basically is given priority to with stabilizing, no bigger movement. But for the late, plank market seems to be slightly optimistic.
First of all, as a plank market downstream industries, long-term downturn in the shipbuilding industry in recent months since the recovery began appearing in performance. Order it is understood that in the first quarter of China's shipbuilding industry began to surge, brings to the plate market must be good, and the new data show that China shipyard undertake 4.04 million deadweight tons in June, year-on-year growth of 73% last month, more than South Korea, Japan the world's first. Chinese shipyards in over $1.098 billion of new ship orders. South Korean shipyard has undertaken 2.39 million deadweight tons, $1.269 billion of new ship orders, the shipyard has undertaken 730000 deadweight tons, $452 million of new ship orders. Between January and June, the global new ship orders total 40.67 million deadweight tons, rose 70% from a year.
Ships clinch a deal the turnaround, which related to sharp market bottom phenomenon, due to the ship price has been lower, which makes many shipowners have realized that the ship price or have fallen to the bottom, continues to decline is unlikely, at present it is a good time to bottom order ship. We have learned, in May 2013 the last week of capesize bulk carrier ship price of $4800, has a rock-bottom price rose by $3 million since 2013. Vessel prices rose slightly, and the form in the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction technology advantage is likely to make part of the sidelines owner decided to order new ships. So in June, China's shipbuilding industry orders surged again.
Although ship new orders the complete cycle in about two years time, market participants also predicted the global shipping market recovery, at least in the next will occur but relative to the early stage of the hibernation of the shipbuilding industry for a long time, now order turnaround was a big change. Shipbuilding industry for a long time of sleep, let them sleep lost his laughter, sleep not consider, even once the surging passion disappeared fervently tried, bottom time, make more orders, they are a lot of spirit. And new orders for shipbuilding plate and other steel sheet also can make up for the market demand for the off-season lost orders in other industries.
In June, in addition, in addition to the shipbuilding industry, automobile industry production data and no let the plank material market long hind legs, according to a report released by the China association of automobile manufacturers, in June 2013, production of 1.7805 million cars, 1.7615 million, the month production and sales have fallen month-on-month, year-on-year growth was evident. 1 - June, 9.0772 million cumulative production and sales of 9.0281 million units, up 13.49% and 12.56%. Driven by motor show, the whole market in June is popular, combined with the auto show during the new vehicle orders, most of the vehicles in June delivery, therefore, may end sales rose only slightly reduce, and the year-on-year growth than a slightly smaller in May, is also due to higher sales in May last year, in general, terminal sales are growing, are still to auto industry brings a lot of confidence in the market.
Although the shipbuilding industry, auto downstream industries such as data in June for plate market is good, but in June, according to HSBC manufacturing PMI data, it is still not optimistic, and later as the weather turned hot, demand off-season arrival, production and marketing of automotive industry might turn into downward legs, shipbuilding industry demand for plank produce also want to rely on to show up for a long time, so there is no timely pull, or plank market is expected to continue to walk at a steady trend.