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what is the reinforcing Mesh?

Reinforcing Mesh
reinforcing Mesh is a convenient and cost effective alternative to conventional bar reinforcement for the following reasons :
The mesh is generally specified and manufactured according to standard references making for easy site identification, quality control and management;
The mesh is manufactured in sheets or rolls resulting in a quick and simple site installation process.
Although generally used in surface beds (concrete floor slabs on grade) and concrete roads, mesh can also be utilised in in suspended floor slabs, concrete walls, culverts / drains and composite brick / concrete retaining walls.
RMS is one of the few manufacturers of welded mesh in Southern Africa, which has a full SANS 9001 : 2008 quality rating. The manufacture process is as follows:
Recongnised steel mills supply RMS with mild steel rod;
The mild steel rod is cold rolled by RMS to the required diameter to form high tensile deformed wire;
The high tensile wires are welded into a square or rectangular mesh grid fabric.