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Gabion revetment mat ecological landscape stone embankment c

Gabion revetment mat ecological landscape stone embankment construction procedures and methods
????( A ) the construction procedure
?????Measured according to design drawings stakeout , first with excavator entire slope and slope excavation wall foundation trench excavation teeth , followed by pouring the concrete wall construction teeth , tooth wall construction is completed and after a certain time curing slope manually intensive , according to the design requirements of the laying of 150mm thick cushion and compacted sand and gravel , and then install the box gabion mats , artificial stone machinery loading , and finally tied closed lid and sow seeds, etc. .
????( 2 ) Construction Methods
??????a. lashing interval mesh . Artificial Lift gabion mats about a 90 °, lashing spacer mesh to become cabinet , lashing wire wire according to the design using the same material , double-stranded and twisted every 20cm interval lashing tight . Spacer mesh in the upper and lower four fixed and lashing twist tight.
??????b. laying gabion mats. Approved laying position, according to the design icon placed gabion mats. On the need to meet the overall design requirements , combined with the vertical direction , lashing all adjacent gabion borders, vertically down from the start with a wire around 2-3 laps after banding, gabion mats must be adjacent to the border line online lashing , in order to integrally coupled adjacent mat gabion box , each 20cm interval banding. Gabion mats box link before submitting cabinets filled .
????( 3 ) filled with pebbles
??????a. first with scaffolding fixed gabion mats, in order to avoid its deformation. Mechanically or manually pebbles filling, filling one stone shall fill a grid, to ensure that the gabion mat shape integrity. Each gabion filled spaces shall at the same uniform cobblestone to ensure gabion Founder . Stone according to the design requirements for acceptance, prohibited the use of rust stone , weathered stone , garbage stone , stone mesh size shall not be less than the diameter of 1.5 times the diameter of caulk except stone .
??????b. stone filling , first in the bottom with a diameter of 150 ~ 200mm of stone uniform furnishings , and then start from the four corners of the cages diameter of 250mm or so yards of stone masonry , stone and then level with the appropriate hierarchical furnishings, box filled with middle size , filling is completed fixed cabinet . When the filler during filling up the cabinet 1/4 , with a small gravel or sand filling vacancies , and once with the drill rod rammer compaction , adjust cabinet lines . Externally exposed parts shall assemble the artificial barrier , neatly packing density to beautiful. Based on the actual amount needed to set stretch .
????( 4 ) tied closed lid
?????Capping shall, before the top stone paved smooth, checking each cages filled with stone height , the height difference within ± 5cm , within ± 3cm length difference can Sizha steel wire tied closed lid , tied closed when the lid , from the bottom up , sealing edge connects closed, the box around the border again at 15cm spacing banding , are basically the same lines anyway , so that all cages together into a whole , on the river bank slope for the overall protection .
????( 5 ) mat gabion box above flood level and grass vegetation construction according to design requirements , good vegetation grass seed selection, cage cover , the gap should be filled with clay at the top 5cm clay fill up , and then sow seeds , and timely maintenance . Shop planting turf above flood level .
??????Gabion revetment mat landscape stone embankment Eco Urban Flood Control Project in Jiangxi Province, the first time in use , and achieved a good environment decorative effect. Gabion revetment mat landscape stone filling in the promotion of eco- energy saving, low-carbon , ecology, environmental protection concept of urban development today , with a very broad application space. The application shall be in practice, constantly sum up experience, in order to promote the use of other projects nationwide .