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Progress later, stainless steel industry development

Progress later, stainless steel industry development in our country since the founding of the people to the front of the reform and opening up, China's stainless steel is the main industry and national defense cutting-edge use on demand.After the reform and opening up, the rapid development of national economy, people's living standards improve, pull the needs of stainless steel.After the 1990 s, the stainless steel industry into the fast development in our country, the stainless steel demand growth is far higher than global level.Since 1990, global stainless steel apparent consumption growth at an average annual rate of 6%, and a decade of the 90 s, stainless steel apparent consumption in China is the world's average annual growth rate of 2.9 times.Into the 21st century, the rapid growth of stainless steel industry in China.
According to the 2013-2017 China's stainless steel industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report, data statistics, in 2000 and 2000, average annual growth rate of over 21.17% stainless steel consumption in China.Among them, 2001, China has reached 2.05 million tons, stainless steel apparent consumption than the United States as the world's stainless steel consumption.In 2008, the Chinese stainless steel apparent consumption reached 6.24 million tons, down 5.17% year-on-year.
In November 2011, China's stainless steel output has increased by 11.1% to 12.5 million tonnes.Production of stainless steel 336800 tons, up 65.25% from a year earlier.Which is the main production base of stainless steel products in China, guangdong province, its output of 1.837 million tons, up 41.76% from a year earlier, accounting for 78.62% of the total national output.
Stainless steel is the most widely used in the world today, the optimal price-performance steel surface treatment.
With the implementation of the western development strategy, xd's east, west to east gas pipeline, the south-to-north water diversion project, the three gorges project, site and urban power grid network reconstruction project of deep, hot galvanizing industry in China has entered a new round of high-speed development stage.[1]
Chinese stainless steel industry in the raw materials supply, nickel chromium in foreign countries is in the condition of the our country is in short supply;Stainless steel is excess production capacity, supply, frequent fluctuations of profit margins.The increasing competition in stainless steel industry, a large stainless steel production enterprise mergers and acquisitions between integration and capital operation, excellent domestic stainless steel production enterprises becomes more and more emphasis on industry market research, especially on the enterprise development environment and the further research of customer demand trends.Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent stainless steel brand rise rapidly, becoming the best stainless steel industry.