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Residential Fence post production process

Residential Fence post production process: General peach stud plate thickness of 1-1.2mm, cold through the machine, roll forming. Elliptic cylindrical lateral to medial After connecting the two plates are made ​​of each U-shaped bend outward, is linked parts. In order to facilitate the mesh peach-column connection, the inner column of the mesh according to mesh size, the extension of the longitudinal direction of the column is set uniformly distributed N sets of hook notches on both sides of the cylinder, the outer U-shaped hook of the outer ellipse cylinder tangent straight edge, effectively prevent been forced open, to ensure the safety fence tamper.
Peach column Fence Finish in three forms:
Hot galvanized and cold galvanized spray, through three kinds of surface treatment, more prominent peach pillar beautiful, generous, with a decorative role, more importantly, is to extend the service life of the cylinder, a 10-year guarantee is not rot immortal features.