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Diamond mesh on the new high-end home market

Diamond mesh net new high-end home on the market , suitable for assembly in the relatively new high-end doors and windows , to meet the needs of high-end customers . Both play pest control effect can play a security role , and does not affect the appearance. Mesh perception : transparent no vertigo , indoor to the outdoor look like a layer of colored glass brightly lit , outdoor to indoor look is vague, unclear trance .
      Diamond mesh has good hardness , high strength, so it is as fixed in the wall may form, have a good enough receptivity , not afraid of outsiders invasion. Quality mesh is disposed of via the electrophoretic coating , not afraid of damp , the sun fierce sun or inclement conditions erosion. Because it is also criss-cross structure and diameter 0.8mm, not only can prevent mosquitoes , but also strengthen the anti-theft effect . With high-quality locks and accessories match, raised the winning features of this security doors and windows , quality assurance features. With this security doors and windows to keep your home on the one hand in the air , breathable, no mosquitoes have to ensure thieves can not enter. Doors and windows using this product as a high-end product in the market today , very popular with people welcome , the market prospect is very broad.