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How to make steel plate cutting, and many are not allowed to

For hydraulic pendulum shearing machine cut the thickness of the sheet metal, should be based on sheet metal ultimate strength and thickness relationship graph to determine. After work, knife on the plate shall be in the bottom position. The safety technical requirements of the shearing machine shearing machine is more widely used in machining a shearing equipment, steel plate shear, it can cut all kinds of thickness of the steel plate materials. Points in the process of the steel plate bending flat cutting, slitting and cut three types of vibration.Ping shear plate CNC cutting usage. More of less than 10 mm thickness of shear shearing machine steel plate bending mechanical transmission, more than 10 mm steel plate bending hydraulic transmission. Pedal or button control is commonly used in single or continuous cutting metal. Operation should be inspected carefully before they are working should be paid attention to when shearing machine shearing machine by steel plate cutting no normal, electrical equipment for steel plate cutting or not in good condition, the lubrication system of steel plate cutting no clear;Removal of mesa and placed around a tools, measuring tool and other debris and marginal waste. Don't operate alone shearing machine, steel processing, steel plate cutting, should be conducted coordinated by 2 m3 material, dimension precision control and take the material, etc., and determined by a unified command. According to the provisions of the cutting plate thickness, plate shears scissors gap adjustment. No shear at the same time two kinds of different specifications, different materials of sheet metal;Shall not fold material shear. Shear sheet metal requirement surface flat, no shear compression narrow sheet. Shearing machine belt, flywheel, gear and shaft and other moving parts must be installed protective cover. Shearing machine operator feeding mouth fingers away from the scissors should be kept at least 200 mm distance outside, steel processing, and leave the clamping device.Before work conscientiously do short run before commissioning, steel plate cutting, should be with artificial turning a work schedule, confirm to start the normal equipment. Equipment of hydraulic equipment, check the quantity of oil storage tank should be enough. Start the oil pump check valve, pipeline steel plate after cutting or not have leakage phenomenon, the pressure should comply with the requirements. To play off the air in the open air valve system. Work in earnest do not shear composite plate, steel plate CNC cutting, also can be used as a steel., prohibit to trim flash the edge of the sheet metal, no shear pressure not tight narrow sheet and short expected. Clearance between the blade should be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet metal, but shall not be greater than the plate 1/30. Most knife plate should be tightened, upper and lower knives remain parallel, board face adjustment after the application of artificial disc car inspection, so as to avoid accidents. The board should maintain a sharp edge, such as a dull edge or split phenomenon, electroslag furnace steel steel processing, should be replaced in a timely manner. When shear plate CNC cutting pressure should comply with the requirements. Play open valve will kunshan steel air drop in the system. Work in earnest do not shear composite sheet, pressure loading device should be firmly ground pressure plate, not in the condition of pressure is not tight to shear. A device of hydraulic equipment, except the throttle cutting other hydraulic valves shall not adjustment without permission.