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Active protection system characteristics

Active protection system characteristics
1. Make full use of the flexible material easy spreadability and high impact resistant ability, from the development of the system and a large number of field tests formed to adapt to all kinds of slope geological disaster protection systematic technology, through a standard balanced design and components factory production to achieve the standardization and optimization system, and is convenient for engineering quality control and accurate measurement of quantities.2 make full use of high strength light characteristics of metal materials to achieve light-duty and modular components installed in the system, in the shortest time limit for a project and the least amount of labor to realize the construction installation and maintenance simple and rapidness, and maximize the adapt to the complex landform environment, avoid or minimize environmental damage caused by excavation and its affect on the normal operation of other assignments and surrounding buildings, can be synchronous or ahead of the main excavation engineering of the conditions, uni-axial or parallel operation can be realized;3 take full advantage of the openness of the system to reduce the visual noise of the system and the protection of the original vegetation and its growing conditions, and gives the implementation of artificial afforestation, make full use of the slope protection of plant roots reinforcement effect and beautify the environment function of green plants, engineering control and environmental protection and renovation will be in harmony are an organic whole;4 the use of special anticorrosive processing steel wire, steel wire rope materials to ensure that system long anticorrosion longevity, generally up to 30 ~ 50 years.