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Nylon screen

Nylon screen surface features: 72 grizzly seam, than the same kind of nylon screen surface efficiency can increase nearly thirty percent nylon mesh screen (and high frequency sieve), is a kind of newest ore screen mesh of the latest research and development of this product is a card button fine screen screen pieces are our newly developed new products, has the following advantages:1, mesh uniform, and up to standard, small tolerance range.2, the number of mesh rolled high porosity so the higher the screening efficiency and production.Improve the fine powder production efficiency3, have automatic connection device screen surface, installation is more convenient and quick, easy to shorten ChuZhuang working hours and use of local screen surface replacement time, so as to improve the production efficiency.4, has the advantages of novel structure, not easy deformation, close connection between sieving slice, not leak, to ensure the quality.5, the screen surface has a strong rigidity, ensure production in not TaYao, and certain toughness, guarantee the screen surface is not easy to broken.More than six, surface pitting and uniform distribution, and the rules of the diamond configuration, is not easy to wear, easy to improve the screening efficiency.7, exquisite appearance, the screen surface smooth, color is pure, no breaks, burr, lack of materials, mixing, thick seam wait for a phenomenon.8, is the best choice for the current mining ore dressing fine screen screen pieces.