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Stone cage net stone cushion filling the construction proced

Stone cage net stone cushion filling the construction procedures and methods of ecological slope protection   
 (1) the construction procedures    Measuring lofting, according to the requirements of design drawings with excavator to first tooth base of whole slope and excavation slope excavation, then carries on the concrete cutoff wall casting construction of cutoff wall construction completed and curing time after artificial slope surface finishing, and according to the design requirements laid 150 mm thick sand gravel cushion and compaction, and then to the stone cage gauze pad box installed, artificial cooperate with mechanical loading stone, finally pierced sealing cover and sow grass seeds, etc.    (2) the construction methods    A. tie between mesh.Artificial lift stone cage net pad into about 90 °, binding interval mesh become the box body, tie line according to the design USES the same material steel wire, twin every 20 cm interval banding and twisted.Interval in the up and down around the fixed mesh and binding twisted.  B. laid stone cage net pad.The position shall be laid, in accordance with the design graphic gabion mattress lay.Need to comply with the design requirements on the whole, combined with the vertical direction, tie all adjacent gabion box line, start by vertical downwards use wire around 2 ~ 3 times and binding, stone cage net pad under the adjacent online border lines shall be binding, link adjacent stone cage net cushion enclosure for an organic whole, every 20 cm intervals of banding.Stone cage net pad after casing connections, can only to the casing loading. (3) loading pebbles    A. first stone cage with scaffolding gauze pad, lest its deformation.Adopt machinery or artificial pebbles filling, filling stones may fill one at a time, to ensure the stone cage net pad shape integrity.Stone cage blanks in each group must be uniform loading pebbles at the same time, in order to make sure the stone cage founder.Stone acceptance in accordance with the design requirements, it is forbidden to use rust stone, weathered granite, waste stone, stone diameter shall not be less than 1. The diameter of the mesh 5 times, except caulking stone size.   B. stone loading, first with diameter from 150 ~ 200 mm in the bottom of stone uniform decoration, to start from the four corner XiangLong code build by laying bricks or stones size 250 mm stone, again with proper distribution of stone stratification decoration, middle size collocation filled enclosure, fill after the completion of the fixed box.In the process of filling when packing to 1/4 of box, with a small gravel or sand filling vacancies, and steel ram compaction time, adjust the body line.External bare parts, must be in artificial barrier, tidy tamping compaction, in order to beautiful.And according to actual needs, set up appropriate brace.   (4) firm sealing cover    Block before, must will be at the top of the stone pavement leveling, check each XiangLong fill the height of the stone, the height difference within + / - 5 cm length difference within + / - 3 cm, can use wire binding wire sealing cover, firm sealing cover, from the bottom up, sealing side closed connection, the box body around the box line according to 15 cm distance to tie it again, somehow the line is almost the same, all XiangLong together as a whole, overall protection on river bank slope.    (5) stone cage net pad box above flood level planting grass and vegetation construction according to design requirements, good vegetation, grass seed selection, after the cages to block the air should be filled with clay, fill the top 5 cm higher than that of clay, and then sow seed, and timely maintenance.Spread turfing above flood level. Stone cage net stone cushion filling ecological slope protection in the urban flood control engineering in jiangxi province was the first time to use, has obtained the very good adornment effect environment.Stone cage net stone cushion filling ecological slope protection in advocate energy saving, low carbon, ecology, environmental protection today, the concept of urban construction, it has a wide application space.The application shall be constantly sum up experience in practice, in order to be used widely in other projects in the country.