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What are the advantage of the new type of gabion cages?

What are the advantage of the new type of gabion cages?
Shilong cages, 1 new advantages New gabion cages (green grid) is woven with high corrosion materials most accord with mechanics principle of honeycomb shape mesh, mesh loaded into XiangLong shape after cutting, group, it is gradually applied in the rivers and lakes embankments, control soil and water erosion, etc.Its production is similar to the temporary protection engineering wire box, and both have the same applied theory, but compared with the new type gabion cages have the advantage of the following aspects. 1.1 material improvement, use fixed number of year Traditional wire box because it is mainly used for temporary works, the corrosion resistance of main use ordinary galvanized steel wire.And the new wire adopted double or triple the anti-corrosion treatment process: a heavy iron with coating anticorrosion for steel wire elements by high temperature alloy layer;Double for the coating of zinc has self sacrifice to protect the function of iron;Triple for al elements can form a dense alumina protective film coating.At the same time on the outside of the steel wire is covered a layer of resin coating to reduce corrosive medium and high speed water entrainment of sediment on the steel wire coating damage, which can effectively satisfy the lifespan of the permanent works.Of cladding steel wire by neutral salt spray test, according to the corrosion rate of galvanized steel wire and 10% aluminum zinc alloy plating steel wire and galvanized wire corrosion performance analysis shows that "10% aluminum zinc alloy plating steel wire in a city under the corrosion rate of 2.248 as 7 years ~ 7.828 as 7 years.Due to the coating of steel wire is greater than 400 g/m2, can calculate 10% aluminum zinc alloy plating steel wire of the minimum duration of 51.2 years' is used to effectively meet the need of permanent project. 1.2 mesh force New gabion box adopts mechanical weave, mesh is more rules, the mesh is more uniform and better stress distribution.Tensile test was carried out on the green grid shows that because of its characteristics, the weaving method from monofilament to mesh tensile and bursting have great strength, at the same time network in single wire break or be damaged under the condition of a mesh, its strength is not destroyed, but only slightly reduce, effectively ensure the green grid structure after disasters can still keep strength. 1.3 construction is convenient New type of gabion cages directly from the factory to produce semi-finished products, convenient construction and quality control;Production equipment is adjustable, further they can control the length of wire and mesh size, width, etc.;After new stone cage net box to the site, only need to field assembly and no longer need to cut, effectively save the construction cost. 1.4 guidance of design, construction and so on a series of technical services As new gabion cages gradually promotion, professional manufacturers will in initial stage, engineering design, provide a feasible design scheme, and carry out early in the engineering construction, assisting in training of skilled workers, make construction personnel to master the basic construction process and operation essentials.Professional and technical personnel to guide the construction site, and assigned to solve the difficulties encountered in engineering.To party a to provide standard operating procedures, process quality control of < < green grid construction regulations ", provide the project quality control, review the engineering level of a complete set of quality evaluation table.To participate in the construction supervisor, quality inspection, testing and other units to provide convenient, also provide consulting services, including the construction of the water ecological system solutions, to speed up the construction speed, increasing the stability of engineering solutions, security measures and related content.