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Wire mesh specifications and standards

National standards for use have certain requirements of the specifications of the wire mesh, mesh size and the diameter of the matching use, rather than just is the diameter size, the plaster layer to use grid should not be greater than 20 x 20, diameter of not less than 1 mm, not much meaning just select the diameter, choose 40 * 40 * 0.9 and select 10 * 10 * 0.6 wire mesh, which is better, I'm afraid is 10 * 10 * 0.6.And the role of wire mesh in exterior wall plaster mainly from the perspective of security defense shedding a measure, to resist cracking are relatively small, because the location of the problem;For external thermal insulation system is used in the brick veneer, as for the role should first and anti-separtion followed by cracking resistance, so should choose grid 10 * 10 * 0.6, these are some experience to choose, grid conversion from the provisions of the state of the specifications of the wire mesh, using steel content level conversionWire mesh indicators are the size of mesh, silk warp, square steel content, galvanized quantity, etc., mainly considering the corrosion resistant ability of wire mesh and system security.Stencil galvanized more critical than wire diameter, galvanized quantity is very important, must be hot dipped, first after welding welding is better than the first after the plating, as for the wire diameter, comprehensive consideration of site construction and meet the needs of security, 0.6 ~ 0.7 as well.