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the use of Wire mesh

Wire mesh is widely used in exhibitions, rack, industry, agriculture, construction, traffic barrier, mining, stadium fences, lawn, cultivation and other industries fence, decoration, mechanical protection. Common mesh used in construction industry as shule plate mesh and mesh partition, is an essential part of top new building materials.Exterior wall thermal insulation mesh is mainly used for general building facades, cast-in-situ concrete, etc., in the structure of heat preservation system plays an important role, when construction will be hot dip galvanized steel wire rack of polystyrene in the inner side of the will be casting exterior module, external insulation board and wall a survival, after ripping insulation board and wall body 2 for one, thus saves manpower, time and cost of installation.Chooses the hot galvanizing steel wire rack polyphenyl plate, qualitative light, easy construction, facing outside can be used for brick, simple operation, also can undertake the construction in winter.