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The steel plate bending steel movements

Some authorities, according to a report released recently steel plate shear, China iron and steel association, CSPI steel plate bending of composite price index is 132.81, than the end of last month rose 4.52 points, rose 3.52%, the third consecutive month-on-month rise;Compared with the same period last year, the composite price index rose 23.41 points, rose by 21.40%, the recent long sheet, prices are rising, and the plate is still rise above long products. Data show that so far, the steel plate bending, steel plate cutting, the domestic steel prices continue to rise, steel plate shear, steel price trend to rise.Inventory, steel plate bending, the national 26 major steel market social inventory totaled 14.72 million tons, five kinds of steel rose by 1.49 million tons, steel processing, and rose 11.2%, rise was expanded by nearly 10% last month, steel plate cutting highest level since last October.Compared with a year earlier, steel social inventories rose by 7.7%. The main steel plate cutting long products inventories rose significantly.Steel bar (rebar), wire inventory respectively year-on-year increase of 910000 tons and 910000 tons of, accounted for 93.3% of all inventory incremental kunshan steel increase 20.5% and 41.1%, respectively;Sheet inventory is mixed, including hot rolled stock fell by 0.8%, the third consecutive month-on-month drop;Medium plate and cold rolled sheet inventory from fall to rise, rose 3.8% and 3.8% respectively.Production, according to the authoritative organization estimates, steel processing a variety of models with steel plate, the crude steel production 52.8037 million tons, the production of pig iron and steel plate bending 48.9471 million tons and 68.6901 million tons respectively. From the level of nissan, crude steel production 1.7033 million tons, the country rose to 41200 tons, 2.48%;Pig iron and steel, nissan 1.5789 million tons and 2.2158 million tons, respectively quarter-on-quarter growth of 4.92% and 4.92% respectively.Late for kunshan steel steel market trend, the authority's report late recognition plate bending as the weather gradually warm, domestic and international steel market demand are witnessed a gradual growth trend, pull the steel production and import and export rose;Iron ore, metallurgical coke and scrap iron and steel production in the original burning material prices continue to rise, promote steel prices continue to maintain the upward trend.Although this year, China's economic growth has slowed, but the rigid demand remains strong, the main steel industry such as construction, machinery, transportation, home appliances, shipbuilding and other downstream manufacturing industry is still in development, steel demand is still strong;Seven major strategic emerging industry development planning in kunshan comprehensive start will lead to a large number of steel industrial upgrading investment project construction;Domestic affordable housing construction project investment more than 1 trillion yuan;The national railway arrangement basic construction investment of 700 billion yuan;Whole society double water conservancy, spending on average 2010, 400 billion yuan, and extracted from land sales revenue by 10% each year about 70 billion yuan used for irrigation and water conservancy construction, etc., will pull the steel market demand continues to grow.In addition, affected by the dollar "quantitative easing" kunshan steel, international commodity prices continue to rise trend, the domestic original burning material such as iron ore prices of steel processing and will continue to rise. Because of the domestic iron and steel enterprises to rely heavily on imported iron ore resources, and imported iron ore prices continue to rise, promote steel rising production costs.According to the national bureau of statistics, China's imports, domestic iron ore, iron ore and coking coal, metallurgical coke and scrap the original burning material prices still rose slightly, to promote significantly to steel prices upward to form.