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SNS flexible protection systems

SNS flexible protection systems of slope main products can be divided into two kinds of active protection system and passive protective system. System to wire rope as the main components and to cover (active protection and intercept) (two basic types of passive protection to control all kinds of oblique) for geological disasters and avalanche, bank slope erosion, can create the harm such as blasting slungshot, falling objects of flexible protection systems technologies and products. Active protection system of wire rope net on all kinds of flexible network coverage or wrapped in protective slope or rock, to limit the slope rock mass weathering flake or dangerous rock collapse, it mainly reflects its reinforcement effect; Movement control or falling rocks in a certain scope, which reflect their containment action. Then a function is essentially due to the passive protection, but due to its structure formation in the SNS system similar to reinforce the role of active protection system, its into active defense, and respectively called active protection standards and the main - and distinguish between passive protection. When the main - passive protection system cover the blasting excavation work surface, blasting slungshot formed to prevent harm of flexible safety protection system. Passive protection system is given priority to with wire mesh fence type flexible block stone net set in the corresponding position on slope, used to intercept cant tumbled stone on the slope in order to avoid damage to other objects, so sometimes referred to as the block stone net. When set in landslide area, can form a flexible grid of debris flow in the solid particles interception DAMS.
Passive SNS flexible protection system features: flexible and intercept strength enough to absorb and disperse rock fall expected impact kinetic energy, and energy dissipation design and use of further improving the system's ability to resist shock.
SNS flexible active protection system with high strength wire mesh, diamond ring network, high strength steel wire grid as main components,) and the wire rope net, cover, tighten to prevention and control of slope rock collapse, tumble, blasting slungshot harm such as wire rope flexible protection system.
SNS flexible active protection system is in using the latest international protection and rock slope intercept standards on the basis of the design. Compared with the traditional construction method, the method to overcome the disadvantages of the rigid protection construction adopts the modular installation, shortening the time limit for a project and construction cost, the whole system consists of high strength steel wire rope, flexible bolt installed and other accessory combination and into. System has the following advantages:
1 galvanized high strength steel wire as the main material of active protection system has the advantages of high protection strength, easy to spread out.
2 through times of slope protection engineering field test and contrast, have to adapt to the installer standardization, systematization, etc; Any slope topography;
3 SNS ecological fence project has on the technology is feasible, safe and reliable, economically rational, and does not destroy the ecological environment, etc.