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Highway guardrail net

Highway guardrail net
Highway guardrail net (highway gelizha) is the most important transportation infrastructure, the highway in our country developed from the 80 s, it to national economy and social development plays an important role. The highway is important to maintain and security facilities.
Highway guardrail net variety with bilateral wire fence netting fence netting or frame. Bilateral wire and frame type fence has simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, etc.
Highway guardrail net products are attractive and durable, not deformation, quick installation, is an ideal metal fence products, can be made into permanent wall, and can be used as a temporary cars, just different pillar fixed method can be implemented. Have anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, etc. Corrosion forms can use electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic spraying, jinsu way. Color green, blackish green color that is generally (optional colors: red, white, yellow, black, green, blue)
Highway guardrail net specifications and product parameters:
1, material: using high quality low carbon steel wire diameter 2.5 5 mm spot welding and into 2, 75 x150 mesh (mm), (50 x100 50 x150) length X width (1800 mm) x3000 border (mm) 20 x30x1. 5, jinsu thickness (mm), 0.7 to 0.8, after jinsu (4.8 mm), pillar (mm) 48 x2x2200, embedded foundation (mm) 500 x300x300, attachment: a rainhat, clamp, anti-theft bolts, the connecting method for highway guardrail net specification is various, according to different terrain, the ministry of construction design different drawings, in according to the drawings for production.