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What is the effect of crude steel fell on steel?

Cisa according to the latest figures, key enterprises in late November crude steel output of 1.709 million tons, ten-day fell 2.37%, the estimated value of 2.091 million tons, ten-day fell 1.94%, the accumulative crude steel output of 2.091 million tons, down 0.39% compared with last month the actual daily output.In April this year National Day after the 2.1 million tons of crude steel production, in addition to early July as low as 2.08 million tons, 210 under the second line.But careful found that small and medium-sized steel mills production basically remain unchanged, large and medium-sized steel mills production is obvious.In addition to steel mills in normal maintenance affect production, the influence of the demolition of the blast furnace in hebei province first shot is played.In addition, the end of November key mills steel inventories of 12.954 million tons, 980000 tons, compared with the previous final fell 7%, the year increased by 23.2%.And in mid-november inventory for 1393, an increase of 960000 tons.Visible in late steel mills to inventory faster, in steel mills MingPing dark down pricing signals, market with the enthusiasm greatly increased, compared with the market inventory pressure increase in December.In December, the first trading day of week, the domestic spot five varieties of steel price trend rise before stabilizing, individual continue down.As of December 6, the national key cities for the 25 mm level 3 thread average price of 3552 yuan, the week gained 15 yuan.The week is up 6.5 mm line average price of 3534 yuan, 10 yuan.5.5 mm hot rolled coil plate average price of 3472 yuan, the week is up 13 yuan;1.0 mm cold rolled average price of 4312 yuan, the week is down 10 yuan.20 mm thick plate in the average price of 3433 yuan, the week gained 18 yuan.From market feedback information shows that, with the resources to the market in succession, the fading inventories low advantage, market mentality differences, worries gradually, mainly appears in the northern region, steel prices also have different degree of fall back.Although steel inventories have fallen sharply, the spot market to bring certain pressure, but the decline in crude steel production has certain positive to the market.8, according to the general administration of customs, according to data released in November, China's exports of steel 5 million tons, from last month fell by 1.4%, compared with last year fell 2.5% year on year;Imported steel 1.25 million tons, rose 9.7%, up 17.9% from a year earlier.According to external demand has slowed.And iron and steel industry PMI value of 49% in November, 1.5% yoy, with new export orders index was 56%, an increase of 6.8%.It seems that the two Numbers have problems, one is the actual number of exports, a just order situation, there is no conflict.Both together, over the next twelve months external demand there should be no big change, influence on the domestic steel prices is limited.Another, from the first, after the success of hebei province to resolve the excess capacity, environmental protection, and eliminate backward production capacity and have new move, one after another and the measures for the industry, more flexible and scientific acceptance enhancement for the local government and enterprises, and irresistible enforcement is greater.Continuous decline may be large, crude steel production is good for a late market steel prices rebound.In conclusion, crude steel, significantly reduce the number of large and medium-sized steel mills, is almost within market expectations, from steel inventories have fallen sharply, short-term pressure on the market at present, steel prices rebound.Longer term, crude steel production quick rebound may be low, more likely to continue to decline, but will shrink, is good for the steel prices rebounded.Hisin steel net, therefore, analysts believe that steel prices in the short term to maintain a narrow consolidation trend, or may be weak.