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The contribution of welded wire mesh in aquaculture

Welded wire mesh is a widely use in the farm.Recently, fucheng and expand the scale of the breeding farms, so directly from anpingxian - air buy a batch of welded wire mesh wire mesh products factory.According to boss farms, starting in 2000 fucheng farms began to use anpingxian wins navigation welded wire mesh wire mesh products factory.Navigation screen factory production of welding wire net surface is smooth and neat, uniform structure strong, the overall performance is good, has the characteristics of strong anticorrosion oxidation.Particularly suitable for farming.Made of welded wire mesh chicken net structure not only beautiful, more important is to use fixed number of year.This will reduce the cost.The boss farms, our sheng egg net is also made from aerial wire mesh factory.They plant design of chicken cage, cage bottom slope of special and reasonable.Is too small, the egg is not easy to get out or scroll too slow, easy to chicken on or pecked breaking;Is too large, the rolling fast easy touch broken.For larger slope in egg groove installation of buffer material.Wire chicken cage at the bottom of the net has certain elasticity, two groups of chicken cage joint application will hold egg net wire together, lest fell out of the egg.Navigation screen factory design and production of chicken mesh and sheng egg is reasonable, the bottom of the cage won't appear too big or too small.The boss also revealed farms, they stated, and the fox, pig and so on with all kinds of wire mesh from navigation custom-made.Because of their products, ease of use is strong, not only beautiful shape, strong and durable.Is due to the cause of the old customers, so also special discount on price.Aerial wire mesh factory is the production of various specifications of the screen, can be produced according to customer requirements.Steel wire nets fits a family pet.In some places also called pet net.Steel wire nets also made a great contribution in aquaculture.It should be said that in the shadow of the farms it everywhere.